Creative Director for Hackney One Carnival 2016

This is an exciting opportunity for a cultural organisation or highly organised individual to establish a leadership and co-ordination role within the local carnival sector and the wider creative community in Hackney.


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£9,000 – £11,000

Published date

14 March 2016

Closing date

22 March 2016

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28 March 2016

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31 October 2016


This is an exciting opportunity for a cultural organisation or highly organised individual to establish a leadership and co-ordination role within the local carnival sector and the wider creative community in Hackney. The commissioned individual / organisation (Creative Director) will lead on the development of a strong creative identity / theme for the event in 2016; meaningful engagement of the carnival sector and any other carnival performers in the three key stages of the event – planning, delivery and evaluation; and involvement in the administration of a programme of small carnival commissions for local carnival groups. The roll will also include ensuring engagement of local residents in the carnival through planned outreach activities; involvement of local businesses along the route and at finale event; recruitment, coordination and care of carnival judges; inspiration of all involved in the carnival to work together; and involvement in the organisation of a post-carnival awards ceremony.

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Lucy McMenemy


Cultural Development Team, Hackney Service Centre

1 Hillman Street


E8 1DY



020 8356 2919



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HOC 2016 Creative Director Brief, LB Hackney Standard Services Contract, Request for Quotation template, Reference Questionnaire,

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HOC 2016 Creative Director Brief


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If you are interested in submitting a quotation for this service, please send the following information: • A statement outlining how you / your organisation meets all the essential criteria, demonstrating experience and skills making reference to TWO past contracts. • CVs of all people delivering the service. • A statement outlining your / your organisation’s approach to this project, detailing your proposed methodology • A proposed work programme, indicating number of days to be allocated and approximately when (bearing in mind the need for flexibility and paced working, alongside the Event Management team) • A comprehensive quotation for fees and expenses for undertaking the work including a detailed cost breakdown. This must be a fixed fee proposal. • Evidence of the following insurances: Public Liability (£10m), Employers Liability (£2m), Professional Indemnity (£2m) • A statement confirming your HMRC status • Last two years’ financial accounts including: • Balance sheet; • Profit and Loss Account/Cost of sales; • Full notes to Accounts; • Directors/Auditors report (where applicable). THE LONDON BOROUGH OF HACKNEY WILL CROSS REFERENCE ASSURANCES OF YOUR COMPANY’S FINANCIAL STANDING BY APPLYING FOR A CREDIT REFERENCE THROUGH AN ESTABLISHED CREDIT REFERENCE AGENCY AND MAY REQUEST ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION IN SUPPORT OF THE APPLICATION. • two named referees who can confirm your track record in delivering similar services. In an attempt to speed up the evaluation process, the reference template has been provided. This must be sent to your referees and your referee must complete and return the document to the contact officer noted below by the submission deadline. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the references are returned to the Council by the submission deadline below. Please email your application to Deadline for applications: Tuesday 22nd March 2016 Clarification Interviews may be held, if required. The purpose of the interview is to clarify aspects of your written submission. Officers may adjust the scores awarded to your written submission as a result of clarification received during the interview. Failure to attend an interview, if requested, will mean that your bid will be deselected. The provisional dates for interviews will be Wednesday 23rd March 2016.

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Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided.