Dance in the Forest

Dance in the Forest
To plan, manage, implement and evaluate a Dance in The Forest event to be delivered on the 27th June 2012. To work with key partners to deliver this event for up to 250 performers and an audience of up to 500.
Engage with key partners who will support the running of the event.
Organise and manage event meetings for regular updates with key partners.
Engage schools and community dance groups to the event-giving them clear parameters for participating-including photo consent, signing in and out procedures, music requirements.
Organise the programme, music, dress rehearsal, ticket sales, and appropriate marketing and publicity in the lead up to and post event.
Work with partners to engage a photographer to produce a CD of images for post event reports and publicity.
Organise the music, running order and programme for the event.
Organise and run a dress rehearsal on the 25th June.
Run the event including overseeing all logistics on the day.
Engage with VIPS and arrange ‘meet and greet’ attendant and refreshments.
Ensure all health and safety is completed for the event and first aid cover on the evening.
Hold post event debrief and produce a report evaluating the event.
See quotation brief for further information.