Dartford Borough Council Pest Control Services Tender

Dartford Borough Council Pest Control Services Tender

The Council invites you to tender for Pest Control Services.

Opportunity Id
Pest Control Services 2021-2024
181500 – Pest & Animal Control

The Council invites you to tender for Pest Control Services. Full details can be found in the Specification and associated appendices. Full details of the project can be obtained by registering a formal expression of interest for this opportunity on the Kent Business Portal: www.kentbusinessportal.org.uk Once you have registered your expression of interest, the nominated contact for your company will be sent an email confirmation. Should you fail to receive the email notifications, please login to the supplier homepage of the Kent Business Portal: https://www.kentbusinessportal.org.uk/procontract/supplier.nsf/frm_home?ReadForm and follow the steps below: 1. Click on the “Login to Procontract” link on the Kent business Portal Homepage. 2. Click on “Find Opportunities” 3. Change the “Portals” dropdown menu to Kent Business Portal and the Organisations dropdown menu to Dartford Borough Council. Scroll down and click on the Update button 4. Click on the “Pest Control Services 2021-2024” title link and from the next screen you will be able to view and download all the project documents. The deadline for submission of your completed quotation is: 12:00:00 on Friday 6th August 2021. If you are viewing this opportunity outside of the Kent Business Portal, follow the instructions below to see the advert and formally register your expression of interest: 1. Click on the following link to open the “Kent Business Portal” homepage: https://www.kentbusinessportal.org.uk/procontract/supplier.nsf/frm_opportunity_search?openForm&from=frm_home 2. Click on “Current Opportunities” on the left hand side 3. Change the “Organisations” dropdown menu to Dartford Borough Council and click on the ‘Update’ button 4. Click on the “Title” link for the “Pest Control Services 2021-2024” project 5. If you are a registered supplier of the Kent Business Portal click on the “Login and Register Interest in this opportunity” button on the right hand side of the screen otherwise click on the “Register Free” link. Please note this opportunity has also been advertised on Contracts Finder: https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/Notice/ec218f23-2d27-4c91-949e-699859c5bb0f. If you have any queries please contact Dartford Borough Council’s Procurement Team by email: procurement@dartford.gov.uk

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Dartford Borough Council
Dartford Borough Council Procurement Team
01322 343315
01322 343958
Civic Centre

Expression of interest window

From 22/07/2021 02:00 to 09/08/2021 12:00