Delivery of Training for Policing – Manchester

Delivery of Training for Policing – Manchester

To deliver training for policing and associated academic and support services.

Delivery of Training for Policing, including the Police Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF)

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    • Education and training services – 80000000
    • Higher education services – 80300000
    • Adult and other education services – 80400000

Location of contract

North West

Value of contract

£0 to £55,000,000

Procurement reference


Published date

30 August 2020

Closing date

21 September 2020

Closing time


Contract start date

1 February 2021

Contract end date

31 January 2030

Contract type

Service contract

Procedure type

Other: Other

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Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), on behalf of Greater Manchester Police (GMP), wishes to appoint a Partner to deliver training for policing and associated academic and support services, including initial police training defined by the College of Policing PEQF curriculum, i.e. the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) and Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP).

Also included is a part-time option for the PEQF programmes, and a number of academic and training-related services to support police training across the wider Force. The Contract may also expand to include education and assessment for additional related pathways not currently defined, within the overall scope of the Contract.

The contract will primarily incorporate two elements: (1) Development and delivery of initial training for policing under the PEQF, and (2) A programme of Professional Development Transformation, consisting of CPD for existing Constables, a leadership training offer for all staff and officers, and Academic Governance to support the professionalisation of training.

GMCA intends to award a single contract for the delivery of all services, but welcomes bids from groups of economic operators (partnerships, consortia, SPVs or those proposing delivery through a prime/sub-contractor mechanism), subject to a full assessment of the contractual risk of each specific arrangement.

No volumes or values are guaranteed under any element of this Contract.

The initial contract term will allow for student intakes up to five (5) years from the date of Contract Award. The contract may be extended to allow intakes for a further two (2) years. The chosen provider should accommodate inflight students to complete their course beyond the final intake. The maximum contract term will therefore depend on the run off period required for inflight intakes.

This service falls under the “light touch regime” set out in regulations 74-76 (inclusive) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Pursuant to regulation 76(7) of those Regulations, the Authority has elected to follow a competitive procedure akin to the Competitive Procedure with Negotiation, but this is not to be taken as acceptance by the Authority that any part of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 apply, other than those parts which apply to the light touch regime.

This Competitive Procure with Negotiation will include 3 stages of assessment. However the Authority reserves the right to use fewer or more stages of assessment; to reduce the number of participants at each stage; or to award a contract on the basis of initial tenders without negotiation. Full details of the assessment and award procedures are available in the tender documents.

Full details of the Requirements of this Contract are available as part of the tender documents which can be downloaded by any organisation wishing to express an interest in this tender, from the Bluelight / EU Supply system –


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Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.


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Ali Cordrey


Greater Manchester Police, Openshaw Complex
Lawton Street, Openshaw
M11 2NS


+44 1618561333