Dementia Care Block Contract – Reading

Dementia Care Block Contract – Reading

The Council wants to commission new block contracts securing 30 nursing dementia beds in total.

Dementia Care Block Contract

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  • Health and social work services – 85000000

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£628,628.50 to £37,717,710

Procurement reference

RBC P 00001002

Published date

1 July 2021

Closing date

3 August 2021

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1 October 2021

Contract end date

30 September 2023

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Service contract

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Open procedure (OJEU)

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The Council currently has 1 block contract for Nursing Dementia Care. This contract is used for the majority of placements the Council makes for people with Nursing Dementia needs in the borough. This contract will expire shortly, therefore in order to ensure that supply matches the continued demand for nursing dementia care home placements (and to assist with speedy hospital discharges) the Council wants to commission new block contracts securing 30 nursing dementia beds in total. The Council is undertaking a full compliant open tender exercise in order to put a longer-term contract in place that will deliver best value for money for the Council and its users. The block contracts will be for a period of 2 years with an option to extend for up to an additional 4 years (2+2).

PLEASE NOTE – The Care home is required to be no more than 10 miles from Reading Borough Council Civic Offices, RG1 2LU due to client preference and demand to avoid client refusal of an allocated bed. The Council has divided the 10 mile radius into an inner and outer ring, with the outer ring starting at 6 miles from the Reading Borough Council Civic Offices address for RG1 2LU. 15 of the beds available for providers to bid on will be awarded exclusively to homes within the inner ring. The remaining 15 beds are available for all providers to bid on and will be awarded based on the highest tender score. The Council will accept bids based on the highest tender score first until the requirement of 30 beds is met or as close to full as it is possible to make without exceeding 30 beds. To ensure the Council can reach 30 or as near as possible to this, the number of beds will be negotiated where needed with no price change depending on ranked overall score. For example – This means that the 3rd highest scoring tender, offering an initial 15 beds will be negotiated down to 5 beds to meet our requirement of 30. We are unable to go above this required number.

RBC is offering 2 separate contracts each allowing a maximum of 15 beds per contract. A Supplier may not bid beyond a maximum of 15 beds in total for either contract, alternatively a Supplier may decide to split their offer across the two contracts, for example, 5 beds (minimum) on one contract and 10 on the other contract. RBC reserves the right to negotiate allocation based on the logistics of the final submissions received.

Distance will be checked through Google Maps using the Directions Feature and entering the homes address and the Civic Offices postcode. The shortest distance displayed for a care journey will be taken. Market Research completed for this procurement has highlighted a possible 18 homes within this area with the required capabilities and specialisms.


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