Derby City Public Health Local Health Services – Preferred Provider List

Derby City Public Health Local Health Services – Preferred Provider List

7 Lots. Lot 1 – NHS Health Check Programme (approx £180,000 GBP per annum).

Opportunity Id
TD1734 – Derby City Public Health Local Health Services
85000000-9 – Health and social work services

Derby City Council is inviting Applications to establish a Preferred Provider List (PPL) for Public Health Local Health Services. These statutory demand led Services are to be delivered within the City of Derby and are split into the following Services and Lots: GP Services • Lot 1 – NHS Health Check Programme (approx £180,000 GBP per annum) • Lot 2 – Provision, fitting, monitoring, management, and removal of Subcutaneous Contraceptive Implants (approx £110,000GBP per annum) • Lot 3 – Provision, fitting, management, and removal of Intra-uterine Contraception Device Fittings (IUCD) and Intra-uterine System (IUS) (approx £85,000GBP per annum) • Lot 4 – Primary Care Child and Family Weight Management Extended Brief Intervention Service(approx £60,000GBP per annum) Service Providers/Clinicians delivering the Service must be a registered member of the UK/Irish General Medical Council (GMC) or Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and have a license to practise, if required by your regulator. Pharmacy Services • Lot 5 – Pharmacy Based Needle Exchange (approx £60,000GBP per annum) • Lot 6 – Community Oral Emergency Contraception Services (approx £9,500GBP per annum) – Service Provider must be Registered Health Professional in accordance with National PGD regulations • Lot 7 – Supervised Consumption (approx £355,000GBP per annum) Service Providers/Pharmacies delivering this Service must be registered with The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). Applicants are must be able to meet the minimum requirements of the Specification(s). Bidders can bid for one or more Lots. Organisations with multiple Service delivery sites must complete an application per site (individual Applications). This means if you are a Group applying on behalf of various sites, that each GP Practice or Pharmacy site will require its own unique Login and Email Address for East Mids Tenders to submit separate individual Application(s). Applications solely on behalf of a Group will not be accepted. The initial Contract period is five years (5) the contract is estimated to commence 01 April 2022 and expire 31 March 2027. There will be an option to extend the Contract for two (2) years in annual increments, subject to satisfactory performance and business needs. Maximum Contract period is seven (7) years. The Total Value of this Contract is £6,016,500 over the maximum seven (7) year period. Please note – Service Providers wishing to express interest and obtain the documentation, must do so by 15:00 on 04 August 2021. It is recommended that you express interest and obtain the documentation well before this time to allow sufficient time to prepare and submit a comprehensive application. The deadline for Application Returns is 10:00 on 05 August 2021. Please visit the Council’s e-tendering system where you can express interest, obtain the documents and complete your application (Please note we will only accept Applications through the e-tendering system. Please search for TD1734.) Further Applicants may apply at anytime during the Contract Term. The ‘Key Points Before You Start’ document attached provides some brief tips. For help: Registration and Application guidance are provided in attached workflow and step by step documents attached. Full instructions and terms are provided Application (Process Overview) document available once you have registered your interest.

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Public Health Services, GP Services, Pharmacy Services, Health Checks, Weight Management, Sexual Health Services

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05/08/2021 10:00:00


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Derby City Council
Laura Rose
01332 64 32 72
The Council House
United Kingdom


Expression of interest window

From 05/07/2021 18:00 to 31/03/2027 10:00

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