Design Workshop Materials Agile Nation project

Design Workshop Materials Agile Nation project

Design and development of workshop materials and Foundation Phase lesson plans as part of the Agile Nation Project. Agile Nation aims to further gender equality in employment by addressing the barriers that prevent women from making a full and consistent contribution to the economy. Procurer reference: Fair Foundations Tender/EH/05-04-12

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Title of the Request for Quote
Design and development of workshop materials and Foundation Phase lesson plans as part of the Agile Nation Project
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Fair Foundations Tender/EH/05-04-12
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Isle of Anglesey





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South West Wales

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80000000 – Education and training services.
80300000 – Higher education services.
80400000 – Adult and other education services.
80500000 – Training services.
80510000 – Specialist training services.
80521000 – Training programme services.

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SECTION I: Details of the Request for Quote
Description of the RFQ

Tender Specification

Fair Foundations Programme Overview

Agile Nation aims to further gender equality in employment by addressing the barriers that prevent women from making a full and consistent contribution to the economy. A large number of occupations in the UK are dominated by one gender more than the other. The reasons for this are wide and varied, and include limited and stereotyped careers advice, family expectations, the working patterns and typical hours associated with roles in the sector, access to vocational training and education, and social and cultural stereotypes about the kinds of work men and women are suited to.

Research shows that job segregation by gender is one of the major causes of the gender pay gap. Although women make up 47% of the workforce, they tend to be concentrated in low-paid, low status occupations. Women are over-represented among the working poor, and this contributes to child poverty and hampers Wales’ economic growth.

Agile Nation aims to address some of the causes of occupational segregation by challenging gender stereotyping and promoting gender equality in education, training and skills development. We work with schools to promote gender equality in their learning environments, and offer training to education professionals on promoting non-traditional opportunities to boys and girls. We also provide support for the development of careers advice that encourages boys and girls to consider non-traditional roles.

Early years education and socialisation has a particularly pronounced effect on whether a young person will go on to study non-traditional subjects or pursue a career in a gender-atypical field. In order to encourage the promotion of non-traditional opportunities, we will work with Foundation Phase schools across the convergence areas of Wales, assisting them to create learning environments that do not limit children’s opportunities because of their gender. Staff within the schools will receive training on the impact of gender stereotyping and the value of promoting opportunities in non-traditional sectors to boys and girls. This strand of the project is the Fair Foundations Programme.

Project Brief

Chwarae Teg are asking suitably qualified and experienced organisations to tender to work in partnership with us to develop the Fair Foundations workshop and a range of lesson plans which can be used by the workshop delegates when they return to the classroom.

Agile Nation staff will deliver the workshop in a range of schools across Wales, and the workshop format will need to be flexible in order to meet the different training needs of the organisations taking part in the project. The workshop will therefore comprise of a set of core activities lasting 3 hours, with a bank of additional activities totally a further 3.5 hours.

The intended delegates will be adults who work in schools and are involved in providing education, supervision and care to children between the ages of 3 and seven years old. This can include teachers, classroom/teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisors, school governors, and parents and guardians.

The workshop must enable delegates to meet the following learning outcomes:

• Explore the concepts of gender and equality

• Understand how gender stereotypes can have a negative impact on educational outcomes

• Understand how gender stereotyping affects the life chances of pupils, especially girls

• Understand how experiential learning can reinforce gendered stereotypes

• Understand the value of promoting non-traditional opportunities for boys and girls

• Identify practical ways to promote non-traditional opportunities to boys and girls

In order to assist school staff to implement improved teaching practices after the workshop, we also require a set of ten lesson plans for use in Foundation Phase classroom settings. These lesson plans should assist children to understand gender stereotyping and promote equality of opportunity for boys and girls across the full range of subjects and occupations. The lesson plans must meet the Welsh Government curriculum standards for the Foundation Phase in Wales, and should link to the seven areas of learning outlined in the Framework for Children’s Learning for 3 to 7-year-olds in Wales.

Tender Requirements

This contract will include the following elements:

• The production of 7 hours of non-accredited workshop materials, to include session plans, tutor notes, activities, handouts, schedules of work and presentation resources. Chwarae Teg will supply the design template for these materials, and printing and production costs should not be included in your tender.

• 10 lesson plans for Foundation Phase practitioners, which aim to address gender stereotyping and promote non-traditional academic and vocational opportunities to boys and girls

• A minimum of three half-day meetings to co-develop materials with Chwarae Teg staff. Please provide a daily rate, if applicable.

Bids must provide a full breakdown of costs for each element outlined in the project brief or indicate where an element is included in daily rates

Quotations must be inclusive of all expenses and exclusive of VAT. Tenderers must indicate if they are registered for VAT, where payment of VAT would apply and the total cost including VAT.

Maximum cost

The cost of this contract will not exceed £5,500.


The successful organisation MUST be able to deliver the contract to meet the following timescales:

• Tender closing date: 20th April 2012

• Contract awarded: w/c 30th April 2012

• Initial design and development meeting: 3rd May 2012

• All materials designed and produced: 25th May 2012

Assessment criteria

Bids must demonstrate the following:

• An understanding of the requirements of the project brief, including the timescales within it, and the ability to meet these requirements in full

• Proven experience of carrying out similar work

• Knowledge and experience of the Foundation Phase curriculum, and of the wider Welsh education system

• Understanding of, and commitment to, the aims and values of Chwarae Teg, the Agile Nation project and the Fair Foundations programme

Chwarae Teg will assess all tenders on the following criteria:

• Value for money

• Experience of carrying out similar work

• Quality of proposals

• A demonstrable commitment to equality and diversity

• Costs

Confidentiality and Copyright

All information supplied by Chwarae Teg in connection with this tender is to be regarded as confidential by the organisation submitting the tender.

All materials and resources produced through this tender will become the sole copyright of Chwarae Teg.

Closing Date for Quotes to be returned
SECTION II: Contact Information
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Chwarae Teg
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Ms Ellie Harwood
Unit 2 Melin Corwg Business Parc, Cardiff Road, Upper Boat, Treforest
CF37 5BE
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