Developing Playwork Principles into Practice Level 3 Learning Resources

Developing Playwork Principles into Practice Level 3 Learning Resources

Playwork Principles into Practice (P3) are innovative qualifications that are being successfully delivered within the playwork and childcare sectors across Wales.

Developing Playwork Principles into Practice (P3) Level 3 Learning Resources

Procurer reference: SPFP P3 L3 02
Value of tender: £292000
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Richard Tobutt
One Caspian Point , Pierhead Street , Cardiff Bay , Cardiff
CF10 4DQ
(0) 29 2044 4150
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24=Education and vocational education services
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Developing Playwork Principles into Practice (P3) Level 3 Learning Resources
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Playwork Principles into Practice (P3) are innovative qualifications that are being successfully delivered within the playwork and childcare sectors across Wales. They use extensive new multi media playwork learning and tutor materials. The existing qualifications have a unique design with a spiral curriculum; bite sized learning and learning methods specifically tailored to the learning needs of the sector including seasonal and part time staff. Through SPFP (version 1), SkillsActive managed a successful project that led to the development of a suite of new P3 Level 3 qualifications. As part of the project, and due to extremely tight timescales, funding was only sought for the development of learning resources for the Award. However, SkillsActive retained the aspiration to develop a range of resources for the Certificate and Diploma should funding be secured.

In late 2012, SkillsActive was successful in securing additional funding through the re-launched Sector Priority Fund Pilot (SPFP) to conclude this all-important work. Therefore, SkillsActive is now looking to commission an appropriate organisation to support the delivery of the work which will require innovative learning and teaching materials developed for both the Certificate and Diploma at Level 3. As an outcome, a full range of resources would be developed that would then be piloted with current deliverers and will support trainers in ensuring quality delivery. The draft materials for the Award (developed through SPFP 1) that have since been piloted with stakeholders will also be finalised as part of the project.

Classification of contract (CPV codes)
80000000 – Education and training services.

Contract Length
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and/or Ending date
Contract will be awarded based on:

Most economically advantageous tender in terms of:1. Tenders will be assessed against ‘value for money’ and ‘quality’ criteria.
2. Value for money criteria will include the following elements:
3. •Overall cost and the controls in place to ensure that high quality materials are produced at competitive rates.
4. •Demonstration on how materials will be made public and monitored after the life of the project.
5. •Suitable and evidenced experience of staff.
6. •Submission of a detailed and realistic work programme and methodology.
7. •Proven ability working to strict timescales and identification of contingency plans to deal with slippage.
9. Quality criteria will require evidenced experience of:
10. •Knowledge of the playwork sector in Wales and the strategic policies which drive the requirement for upskilling the workforce.
11. •Experience of developing and delivering playwork qualifications for delivery, assessment and verification (in both English and Welsh) and in designing accredited playwork learning and assessment materials.
12. •Working with translation services to ensure the consistent application of specialist playwork terminology.
13. •Knowledge of ‘Playwork Principle into Practice’ (L2 and L3) qualification units and training materials.
14. •A thorough understanding of the work that was delivered through the preceding SPFP project which led to production of Level 3 P3 qualifications and draft learning and teaching materials for the Award.
15. •Proven track record of contract and project management.
16. •Engagement with SkillsActive (including a written statement to work closely with the SSC for Active Leisure Learning and Well-Being).

SECTION IV: Administrative Information

Instructions to suppliers

The response to this tender specification should provide:

•Specification and approach to the work whilst demonstrating suitable and evidenced experience

•Proposed methodology indicating how the project will be delivered, while assuring high quality delivery within the set timescales

•A detailed work plan with clear milestones describing the number of days to be spent on each activity

•Contingency plans to deal with any slippage

•Statement of intention to work closely with SkillsActive

A maximum fee of up to £292,000 (including VAT and all expenses) is available for this work. Therefore, the tender price is a fixed, all inclusive price including VAT. Within the response to this tender, and as part of the work plan, potential suppliers should identify:

1.Number of days and proposed costs per day

2.Cost of any materials, travel and subsistence

3.Other costs as appropriate

The timescales for this project are very tight; therefore strict adherence to each step must be assured.

Contract to be signed and returned with services commencing before 1st April 2013.

All work to be undertaken and delivered by 30th September 2014.

Please complete and return your response no later than 18.00 on 15th March 2013.

The tender should be no longer than 4,000 words including appendices. Contractors are asked to submit an electronic version of their tender and a hard copy version.

Please be aware that SkillsActive may wish to invite prospective contractors to present their proposals.

Hard copy tender documents should be submitted to:

Richard Tobutt

National Manager (Wales)


1 Caspian Point

Pierhead St,


CF10 4DQ

Electronic copies should also be sent to

Questions related to the tender process should be directed electronically to either Richard Tobutt, or Debbie Willett (

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SPFP P3 L3 02
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The programme has been secured through the Sector Priorities Fund Pilot (SPFP) via Welsh Government (Department for Education and Skills).
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