Development of Training Materials

Development of Training Materials

Pembrokeshire College. Development/Provision of Foundation Degree Training Materials ( (Mechanical Engineering Mathematics 2) (Mechanical Science 2) (Plant Maintenance and Management) (Thermofluids 2) (Business, Safety and Employability), (Electrical and Electronic Principles), (Programmable Logic Controllers), (Instrumentation and Control Systems) Year 2 Modules

Procurer reference: PCT112
Value of tender: £Undisclosed
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Pembrokeshire College
Contact Name
Elizabeth Callard
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire
SA61 1SZ
01437 753264
01437 753001
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Type of supplies contract
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Title of the contract
Development/Provision of Foundation Degree Training Materials ( (Mechanical Engineering Mathematics 2) (Mechanical Science 2) (Plant Maintenance and Management) (Thermofluids 2) (Business, Safety and Employability), (Electrical and Electronic Principles), (Programmable Logic Controllers), (Instrumentation and Control Systems) Year 2 Modules
Description of the contract

The College is seeking the provision of scientific academic study materials to support The Foundation Degree Process Operations & Maintenance award at level 4 and 5 on the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ).

The target cohort is operations and maintenance staff employed in the oil refining, liquefied natural gas re-gasification and electricity generation industries. Due to the nature of shift work it is not always possible for employees to attend college for formal taught sessions. The materials must therefore help to support students outside of the formal college environment and must be made available as both hard copy booklets as well as being suitable for use with the college’s preferred virtual learning environment in an appropriate electronic format. The College currently uses Microsoft Office suite 2007.

The materials must be owned by Pembrokeshire College for use by students in its directorate of technology.

All developed materials must be original work and will be checked for Plagiarism using ‘TurnitinUK’.

FUrther information is included in the Specification uploaded with this notice.

Providers must submit the following:

• A clear fee proposal showing a fully inclusive price (per modular development category) supported by a detailed breakdown of costs (exclusive of VAT).

The materials required fall into the eight module development categories listed below and providers may bid for one or more categories. Bids will be evaluated and ranked within their categories.


Module development Categories

A (Mechanical Engineering Mathematics2)

B (Mechanical Science 2)

C (Plant Maintenance & Management)

D (Thermofluids 2)

E (Business, Safety & Employability)

F (Electrical and Electronic Principles)

G (Programmable Logic Controllers)

H (Instrumentation and Control Systems)

For each module category the material must contain theoretical text, illustrations, worked examples, self-assessment questions, activities and a set of module review tests. Solutions to all self assessment questions, activities and module review tests should be included in an appendix.

Self assessment questions and activities must be interspersed with the theoretical text throughout each module to allow learners the opportunity to check their understanding of the preceding theory. This will also allow learners to reflect on what they have learned and consolidate this in manageable chunks of learning.

Self assessment questions should be able to be answered in only a few minutes with the information gleaned from the preceding text. Activities, however, should require a greater amount of time to complete and may require additional research. Where this is the case learners should be directed to an appropriate resource.

Place / site of work / delivery
Completed materials should be delivered to Pembrokeshire College.

Classification of contract (CPV codes)
80000000 – Education and training services.

Contract Length
Starting date:
and/or Ending date
Contract will be awarded based on:

Most economically advantageous tender in terms of:1. The contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous tender, taking account of
3. • Price 30%
4. • Quality 70%
6. Quality Criteria:
8. • Method statement and Gantt chart 40%
10. • Samples of previously produced materials 60%
13. Quality
14. Quality assessment will account for 70% of the Tender evaluation. The highest quality score will be awarded 70%. Scores will then be calculated in proportion to the highest score.
16. Price
17. Price accounts for 30% of the evaluation, the lowest price will score 30%. The higher the price, the lower the score.
19. Combined Assessment
20. The quality score and the financial return score for each quotation will be added to produce a total score. The supplier offering the most economically advantageous bid i.e. the highest total score will be recommended for acceptance.
22. Providers must have, or be able to obtain if successful, Professional Indemnity insurance to the value of £1million. They will also have to supply details of three similar contracts which they have undertaken to prove that they have the necessary experience to meet this requirement. Experience will be scored, as detailed in Appendix B of the tender document. Submissions by tenderers who do not have/are unable to obtain the necessary insurance or who do not score 7 on more on experience will not proceed to evaluation at award stage.

SECTION IV: Administrative Information

Instructions to suppliers

Tender documentation, including instructions, scoring guidance and detailed specification are uploaded with this notice. Please ensure that your submission includes all the requested supporting documentation in order for it to be evaluated against the quality criteria (method statement, examples of previously produced materials etc). Failure to include this documentation will adversly affect your evaluation.

Queries in writing by email to, please do not submit queries by telephone. Clarificiations will be issued to all tenderers who return their Acknowledgement Letter, failure to return this will mean that you cannot receive clarifications or notification of modifications to tender which may be relevant to your bid. Deadline for queries: noon 30th May 2012


Reference Number
Deadline Date
Deadline date refers to
The date by which your tender has to be returned to the college in the manner described within the tender documentation.
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European Social Fund (ESF) Convergeance Programme 2007 – 2013 through the University of Glamorgan”s Foundation Degree Programme.
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