Domiciliary and Personal Care Preferred Provider Framework

Domiciliary and Personal Care Preferred Provider Framework

Lot A: The provision of domiciliary care to adults aged 18+; Lot B: The provision of personal care services to disabled children; Lot C: The provision of in-home respite care to informal carers.

Tower Hamlets
ESCW(AHWB&CSF)4396 Domiciliary and Personal Care Preferred Provider Framework
Contract Title:
Domiciliary and Personal Care Preferred Provider Framework
ESCW(AHWB&CSF)4396The London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH) is seeking expressions of interest from interested organisations for the above services.

Description: Domiciliary Care Preferred Provider Framework for the spot purchase of domiciliary and personal care services. The Framework is comprised of three lots:
Lot A: The provision of domiciliary care to adults aged 18+;
Lot B: The provision of personal care services to disabled children;
Lot C: The provision of in-home respite care to informal carers

The Council intends to issue an invitation to tender for a Preferred Provider Framework for domiciliary and personal care from which individual packages of care and support will be spot purchased. Inclusion in the Framework will not in itself guarantee a particular level of business any supplier, as this will be based on best value considerations and service user choice. Standard contractual terms and conditions will apply to each supplier  with individual Purchase Orders subsequently being used to create a contract for service on an individual basis.

The Preferred Provider Framework will be closed to new entrants for a twenty-one month period from the date on which it comes into effect, and will be limited to a maximum number of suppliers per lot as set out below:

Total projected value (up to)
Number of suppliers
The provision of domiciliary care to adults aged 18+
Up to 16
The provision of personal care services to disabled children at home
Up to 4
The provision of respite care at home to informal carers
Up to 4

Tenderers will have to demonstrate how they will promote the ethos of independence and choice to service users, how they will enable service users to exercise control over their own lives, and how they will ensure that individuals and families served are offered high quality, safe and consistent services.
In outline, the services to be delivered via each Lot will provide the following:
Lot A
The service is delivered to adults aged 18+ with a broad range of care and support needs, and this means that successful tenderers may be required to deliver services that include the ability to meet a number of more specialist needs including (but not limited to):
·         working with people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders;
·         working with younger adults and older people with complex and multiple disorders which may encompass both health and social care needs;
·         working with older people with Dementia and related conditions;
·         End of life care.
Traditionally, Domiciliary Care services have been delivered to the individual in their own home, but with the advent of the Transforming Adult Social Care policy agenda, and the development of Personalisation, this is changing. To support increased choice and control, the Council will require successful tenderers for inclusion in its Preferred Provider Framework to offer services to individuals which actively support them to, for example, access mainstream community facilities and which more generally promote their independence and wellbeing. In this regard, the service to be delivered will have similarities to that offered by an employed personal assistant.
Lot B
A personal care service  for disabled children and young people with disabilities, to enable and support them to live ordinary family lives and participate in universal activities.  The service will be delivered to the individuals in their own home and  in the community to support access to universal services and  to provide families with a short break from their caring responsibilities.
The Service Provider shall work with children and young people who have one or more of the following conditions:
·         Communication, Behavioural, Emotional and Social Needs
·         Learning Disabilities
·         Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
·         Challenging Behaviour
·         Sensory Impairment
·         Other long-term medical conditions
·         Multiple Disabilities

Lot C
A  service for informal carers who have been assessed as requiring assistance with caring for an individual who is  in receipt of Community Care services provided by the Council. The service may include:

    • undertaking domestic tasks, such as cleaning, shopping and laundry to provide some respite for the carer;
    • spending time with the cared for person in order to give the carer an opportunity to go out;
    • enabling the cared for person to access community facilities or similar in order to provide the carer with a break;
    • the service will also operate in conjunction with the Council’s Carers Emergency Card scheme so prospective providers will need to have the capacity to provide an immediate response as and when required.

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has a diverse population and prospective providers will have to offer, through the procurement process, a high degree of certainty that they will be able to deliver a sensitive and appropriate service to all communities across the Borough.
The Contract requires the provider to pay the London Living Wage. The contract will be awarded on a fixed price basis, other than in relation to changes in the London Living Wage.
The Council has introduced an Electronic Home Care Monitoring system, and use of this system to monitor supplier performance will be a contractual requirement for services provided under Lot A. The Council is also considering whether to introduce an equivalent requirement for services provided under Lot B, and will determine this prior to contract award.

The anticipated contract start date is: 1st March 2014
For a period of: Twenty one months, to 30 November 2015.
The estimated value of the contract is:
Up to £11,200,000 over a twenty-one month term.

Organisations wishing to express their interest are requested to register on the London Tenders Portal via the link below, where the relevant tender documentation will be available for download. On registration you will be required to complete a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). Please allow sufficient time to register (at least 1 working day). Failure to submit a satisfactory response to the PQQ will result in exclusion from the tender process.

LBTH uses the e-tendering system, the London Tenders Portal, which is free of charge to suppliers and providers. (Double-click links on this page or copy and paste to your web browser)


LBTH accepts no liability for expressions of interest that are not received due to internet connectivity issues, transmission delays or errors.

A Supplier Briefing will take place on the 19th of September from 2.30pm to 4.00pm. Information on the venue and how to register for the Briefing will be made available via the Portal during week beginning 2nd September 2013.

Deadline for submission of the PQQ is:
Date: 8th October 2013 
Time: 12.00pm 

LBTH is an Equal Opportunities Employer and a supporter of Ethical Governance, our protocol can be found here along with Or via: cts/guidance_to_suppliers_and.aspx

LBTH does not undertake to invite all applicants or bind itself to accept the lowest or any Tender.  LBTH will not be liable for any costs incurred in tendering for this contract.

If you require any further information please contact:

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