Early Payment for Oldham Suppliers

Early Payment for Oldham Suppliers

Oldham Council is implementing a new payment scheme for suppliers.  Those that register for the scheme can expect payment within 5-8 days, in return for offering a discount to the council.  Oldham Council’s standard payment terms are payment within 30 days.  As explained:


We know that waiting so long for payment can cause problems for some suppliers. Current market conditions have created serious liquidity challenges for many companies and the banking environment is making it difficult to finance cash flow economically.

The new Early Payment Scheme being offered by Oldham Council to its suppliers means you can be confident that every invoice you submit will be paid promptly, so you will no longer have to spend time and resources chasing up payments.

Early Payment for Oldham Suppliers – How it Works

Once you have joined the Early Payment Scheme, you continue submitting invoices as normal. Each invoice is paid in as little as five days.

The council will fund this early payment in return for a small fee that reflects the economic benefit of the scheme to the supplier. This fee is likely to be lower than alternative funding options.

However, the scheme offers far more than the obvious financial benefits. Suppliers will also gain from a stronger, more integrated relationship with the council as well as reducing time spent on administration.

If you are interested in joining the scheme or you would like one of the Early Payment Team to contact you please email earlypayment@oldham.gov.uk

Early Payment Scheme Contact:

Miss Gaynor Gamble
Email Address:
Telephone: 01617704784


Corporate Procurement Level 8
Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
Civic Centre, West Street
United Kingdom


In these difficult trading conditions this scheme guaranteeing early payment for Oldham suppliers should be of great help to all businesses that work in the area and have the council as one of their clients.
Further information can be found here.