Ecological Survey Tender

Ecological Survey Tender

Leicester City Council’s Transport Strategy Team would like to invite Ecological Consultants to provide a quotation for Development of Leicester North Station Fee proposals.


Leicester North Station Ecological Survey
Awarding body Leicester City Council

Est. Start Date: 25/03/2013
Est. End Date: 15/04/2013


Leicester City Council’s Transport Strategy Team would like to invite Ecological Consultants to provide a quotation for Development of Leicester North Station Fee proposals.

Requirements – The Overall Project Objective are as follows:

Development of the former allotment site known as Redhill green space and part of Birstall golf course land as shown on Drawing No: 614/KJC/GS/08 – Lot 1. Leicester City Council wishes to commission an ecology survey to determine any ecological constraints on the site and any mitigation and/or compensation that might be necessary to ensure compliance with wildlife legislation and national/local planning policy. The site survey Area 1 is clearly marked on the attached drawing No: 614/KJC/GS/08 – Lot 1.

A full Phase I survey of the site following the standard methodology recommended by JNCC is required to determine the likelihood of UK, European and BAP species using the site and the presence and location of any BAP/LWS habitats or other designations present on or adjacent to the site that may be sensitive to disturbance.

The aim of this transport commission is to:
The Assessment must identify and describe potential impacts likely to harm the protected species and/or their habitats identified by the survey (these should include both direct and indirect effects, as well as short, medium and long-term impacts from users). Where harm is likely, evidence must be submitted to show:

> How alternatives designs or locations have been considered;
> How adverse effects could be avoided wherever possible;
> How unavoidable impacts could be mitigated or reduced;
> How impacts that cannot be avoided or mitigated could be compensated;
> How species numbers are likely to change, if at all, after development e.g. whether there will be a net loss or gain;
> How features or habitats used by protected species can be enhanced, restored or added to.
In addition, the survey report and assessment must either contain information from this checklist, or an explanation of why this has not been possible or is not necessary:

The consultancy firm is to carry out TASK 1 and TASK 2 as per the brief and must provide Information on the optimum time to conduct surveys and any additional work required should also be provided with the quotation.

The consultancy firm is to provide a fee proposal excluding VAT but including expenses showing personnel, hours and costs for each task required to carry out this commission & the proposed methodology in detail.
Note: The consultancy firm must also provide hourly cost of each personnel that they will engage on this project, i.e Resources Breakdown; these costs shall be used to determine for any additional works that the project may require.

Please complete the quotation form (link to the document is below) and return to in order to be considered for this work.

Only quotations on the form below will be accepted. However, any supporting documents will be considered.

This should be returned by 17.00hrs on 11/03/2013 at the very latest.

Organisations are asked to regularly check this opportunity on Source Leicestershire for any updates. Any advertised opportunity might be updated or removed at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

Applicants should note that due to the technicality of the software package being used to create this advert, this Opportunity will become “invisible” at midnight,10/03/2013. Applicants are therefore requested to save all documentation relating to this Opportunity locally.

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11 March 2013

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