Employability Challenge – I Know I Can: Industry Day

Employability Challenge – I Know I Can: Industry Day

To build on, and link with, work undertaken under the Employability Challenge and organise and deliver an Industry Day.  The Industry Day will provide an opportunity to young people aged 14-19 and their parents/carers to learn about sectors and businesses in and around Barnsley.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
I Know I Can: Industry Day
Scope :
To build on, and link with, work undertaken under the Employability Challenge and organise and deliver an Industry Day.  The Industry Day will provide an opportunity to young people aged 14-19 and their parents/carers to learn about sectors and businesses in and around Barnsley that offer employment and training opportunities to young people leaving school, 6th form and further and higher education.   The Industry day will take place early in 2014, with an evaluation to be completed by March 2014.The successful organisation will need to work closely to make arrangements with the Local Authority, members of the Employment and Skills Board, Secondary Schools,FE and HE, Employers and other partner organisations as necessary.

The aim of the day is to improve understanding and awareness of, and show case,  the range of employment opportunities available in and around Barnsley for young people.

Employers will provide information about the different career and progression paths available within their organisations and the types of skills and qualifications required to enter into them.

Outputs and Outcomes:
The required outputs of the activity are:
·         A 1 day interactive information event.
·         Participation of at least 20 employers in the event.
·         At least four workshops/interactive sessions
·         Participation of all12 secondary schools and at least 50 pupils from each school.
·         Attendance by 300 parents/carers at a twilight session
·         Development and implementation of a marketing plan to promote the Industry Day.
·         Production of an event booklet.
·         Private Sector Sponsorship
·         Evaluation report produced by 31st March 2014.

The required outcomes of the activity are:
·         Satisfaction and positive feedback about the event from 95% of participants.
·         100% of learners participating better informed about employers and employment opportunities.
·         95% of learners participating supported in developing clear actions as part of their progression pathways.
·         Satisfaction and positive feedback about being involved in such an event from 95% employers/exhibitors.

Event Format:
The event will be formatted as follows:
·         A one day event as a minimum to include opportunities for schools to access the day and also a twilight session for parents/carers and the wider community.  Possible a 2 day where sponsorship allows for it.
·         At least 20 employers (plus a limited number of providers showcasing employment /apprenticeship/traineeship opportunities) will promote their opportunities and provide information and interactive activities.
·         A selected number of demonstration areas and workshops, supported by employers and/or sector representatives.
·         All participants should be welcomed and introduced to the event, through a performance /inspirational speech/workshop.
·         All attendees will be provided with a layout plan of the stalls and location of employers.
·         Access to impartial sector based IAG should be available.

Minimum Requirements:
In order to organise and deliver the Industry Day the successful organisation will be required to undertake the following:
·         Identify and organise an appropriate and accessible venue for an agreed date, no later than March 2014.
·         Identify and engage with a minimum of 20 employers, large and small, from within Barnsley and the wider Sheffield City Region and Leeds City Region, that provide employment opportunities to young people.
·         Identify and engage with no more than 4 providers that may wish to participate.  Providers should only be show-casing existing employment opportunities (apprenticeships /traineeships).
·         Source an organisation or individual that will welcome participants with an interactive performance and/or inspirational and motivational speech and promote the opportunities available at the event.
·         Liaise and communicate with the schools to identify and agree the date for the event and to ensure that learners who will benefit most from the event participate on the day.
·         Appropriate arrangements and activities will need to be offered for learners with special needs and learning difficulties.
·         Any transport costs should be included in the overall tender costs.
·         Develop a marketing plan and appropriate promotional material with the I Know I Can branding, to be agreed by the Council, for use in:
o   Engaging employers
o   Engaging schools and pupils
o   Accessing potential sponsors for the event
o   Promoting the event to a relevant wider audience of FE students and parents, and pupils that did not attend with their school.
o   Branding and signposting the event on the day.
The marketing plan should detail how you will promote the Industry Day to all these groups, particularly the latter group. Close liaison with BMBC 14-19 and Communications team will be required.
·         Identify and obtain sponsors for the event, to maximise numbers of local employers and potentially deliver the event over 2 days, instead of one.
·         Liaise with employers about their stand needs, their demonstration areas /workshops (where relevant), resources that they will provide to the learners, and for summary information to go into event booklet.
·         Develop a charging policy and process for employers based outside Barnsley (and any providers) for their exhibition shell requirements.
·         Sourcing and organising exhibition shells, furniture, heat and lighting, and printing of employer names for the shells.
·         Source a catering company to provide a refreshment and catering area for attendees and stall holders, if required.
·         Source a photographer to record the event and provide images on CD for use in future PR.
·         Liaising with Local Authority for production of event booklet (information to be included etc).
·         Facilitate smooth and effective running of the event on the day.
·         Provide a registration area for those attending the event from 4pm, to capture their contact information and levels of attendance and obtain feedback
·         Develop an evaluation report of the event from the perceptions of all participants.
·         Follow-up with thank you for participation to all participants.
Quotation Requirements :
The quotation should include

    • organisation costs (including marketing, resources, facilitation and other associated costs)
    • venue details, proposed exhibition stand details and costs,
    • transport
    • interactive performance/inspirational welcome talk costs including who this will be if not your own organisation
    • resources
    • other associated costs
    • Profiled income expected from charging for stands and sponsorship.

The total price and indicative price per anticipated attendee should be included in your proposals.

Additional activities that you would like to undertake that could support successful delivery should be quoted separately.

We are looking for a provider who can deliver a high quality event for the best value. However, actual costs to the Council (i.e. after income earned from employers and sponsorship) should not exceed £30,000 plus VAT.

Detail :
In your proposal we are looking to see how you propose to deliver an inspirational and aspirational Industry Day that will effectively promote and inform about the range of employment opportunities open to young people in Barnsley.

Proposals should outline:
·         How you will organise, manage and deliver the requirements outlined above.
·         What you can provide and how you will communicate with, promote to and engage the range of stakeholders listed above – i.e. the marketing and communications plan.
·         How you will ensure attendance by those learners who would benefit the most from such an opportunity.
·         How you will ensure that the employer participation in the Industry Day provides a range and reflects the spread of employment opportunities available for Barnsley’s young people, including those from local businesses.
·         How you will meet specific standards required, including those for events and resources delivering Information, Advice and Guidance.
·         You should outline your track record in the following:
o   Delivering similar events, to specific industry standards
o   Engaging with employers and schools
o   Obtaining income and sponsorship for such events

Although we are inviting you to suggest the venue, we anticipate that the Industry Day will involve over 20 employer stands and should be centrally based and accessible. A venue that has been successfully used in the past to accommodate a session of this size is The Metrodome, Barnsley.
Payment :
All payments will be made in arrears.  It is expected that the successful organisation will work with the 14-19 Team and our partners to develop a successful event through a consultative and developmental process. Non-delivery in line with requirements from the 14-19 (25 LLDD) team will result in a claw back of funding.
Experience/Referees :
Please provide contact details for suitable referees that we can contact and that can endorse your track record of successful delivery of similar events.

Insurance :
The successful bidder shall maintain at its own cost and provide evidence of a comprehensive policy (or policies) of insurance to include Third Party /Public Liability, Employers Liability and Professional Indemnity Liability to cover the liability of the organisation and its employees, agents and sub-contractors in respect of any act or default for which it may become liable to indemnify the Council or their Members or officers. The nature of the insurance policy and cover to be provided shall be that the amount of cover for each and every individual claim shall not be less than the following amounts:-

·         Ten million pounds for Employers Liability claims
·         Five million pounds for Third Party/Public Liability claims
·         Five million pounds for Professional Indemnity Insurance claims

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