ERP System Requirement – East Midlands

ERP System Requirement – East Midlands

Step 1 – Sales
• Lead generation (website / emails)
• Social media and marketing via client/agent database (Pipedrive / Mailchimp)
• Diarising client appointments (Outlook)
• Quote Preparation (Microsoft PowerPoint / Microsoft Excel)
• Win/lose quote (Pipedrive).


ERP System

Awarding body Lemon and Lime Homes Limited

EST. START DATE: 16/11/2021
EST. END DATE: 16/03/2022


1. About us
Lemon and Lime Interiors ( are an international award-winning ‘Property Staging’ business, based in Melbourne, South Derbyshire, specialising in supporting the premium housing market. We hold an extensive inventory of high-quality furniture and accessories, for staging of occupied and vacant properties. We work nationally and (increasingly) internationally through our network of estate agents and developers, working with local and national organisations servicing the luxury property market, including Fine and Country, Knight Frank and Savills.

We started in 2016 and built a dedicated team of specialists, increasing our staffing to 8 this year alone. We have seen consistent growth, with last year’s turnover exceeding half a million pounds and we are focussed on developing efficient and effective processes to grow and transform our business, for example, bringing transport and logistics in-house to improve cost effective delivery.

In the US, staging has been common for about 20 years and serves more than 30% of the property market. In the UK, however, only 1% of all property is currently being professionally ‘staged’ before sale, yet is still a multi-million-pound industry. We are very much at the forefront of this emerging industry and there is a huge appetite as the housing market improves. 82% of potential buyers say a staged home has helped them visualise living there and achieves sales, on average, 4 times faster than comparable un-staged homes. Most of our staged homes tend to complete at more than the asking price, having attracted competing offers.
We believe there is a significant shift happening post-pandemic with the emergence of more estate agents working on a self-employed model, many of whom see staging as an integral part of their marketing strategy and this is where we are looking at investing.

2. Project Overview
Our existing systems have grown around us as the business has expanded over the last 5 years.
Home staging is a relatively new industry in the UK and while we know we are well ahead of competitor staging businesses, in terms of size, capacity and profitability, it‘s challenging to find an end-to-end system that covers everything needed to facilitate the holistic process.
We are and continue to be forward thinking and innovative, embracing digital solutions wherever possible, already investing in development of our own industry specific business intelligence application.

We are looking to grow significantly in the next 5 years and believe investment in delivering a digital solution that will provide both, the functionality we need now, with capacity to grow with us and drive our future aspiration of becoming ’the’ industry standard for Home Stagers globally.

3. Current State of Play
Our current business process makes use of several ‘off-the-shelf’ systems that are not integrated. This means we have inefficient manual interventions that we believe would be improved with either integration or automation. These include;
• Quote agreement process
• Inventory management
• Accounts and invoicing
• Human resource management
• Business Intelligence
• Newsletters and marketing
• General admin (Microsoft 365)

We have an Excel-based ‘quote calculator’ that provides our quote pricing information, and we currently use Microsoft PowerPoint to construct and deliver completely personalised, customer-centric, quotes for our products and services, tailored for each client, including unique content, imagery, and pricing. The resulting document is saved as a PDF and individually emailed out.
Both tools are key to our business.

Having the’ unique and personalised’ aspect of quote production is an important part of our business ethic and allows us to build and maintain close relationships with our customers.
We would want this ‘individual personalisation’ to be a core element of our digital strategy and the platform must cater for this.

Other current challenges include:
• Duplication of data with a high risk of human error during input
• Lack of consistency in data between platforms (e.g. ‘Cost‘ and ‘Renewals’ scheduled at different times)
• Gaps in system and manual processes (e.g. Inventory system doesn’t fully integrate with accounts system resulting in inaccurate balance sheets for management accounting)
• Slow data migration (upload/download) between platforms

Our HR function is currently performed using 3rd party software ‘Breathe HR’. This records time sheets, holiday requests, employee documentation such as PDRs, contracts and GDPR forms.

The business currently uses Xero software for the accounting and financial function. Although this has the potential to integrate with other systems this function currently stands separate which creates duplication of data across a number of the systems.

Materials Management (Stock / Inventory)
In our case we see the materials management as management of our stock in the warehouse. As we provide essentially a ‘Hire or Sale’ business, this is currently done by a manual process with no formal recording as we have been unable to find a product or service that could facilitate our complex requirements.

Inventory Management
One of the most important parts of our business and ‘Home Staging’ in general is inventory management. We currently uses the inventory management software called ‘Sortly’, which enables custom barcode labels, unlimited custom fields, stock level alerts, multiple stock images.

4. Our Process
This is a ‘milestone’ overview of our current processes.
This is not a comprehensive or exhaustive view of our end-to-end process, and we would invite tenders to offer suggestions and improvements in an ‘Additional Features’ section of the bid.
Step 1 – Sales
• Lead generation (website / emails)
• Social media and marketing via client/agent database (Pipedrive / Mailchimp)
• Diarising client appointments (Outlook)
• Quote Preparation (Microsoft PowerPoint / Microsoft Excel)
• Win/lose quote (Pipedrive)
• Quote Acceptance Process – Docusign terms of business and 1st invoice (Xero)
• Project Costings (Pipedrive)
Step 2 – Design
• Allocating furniture from stock inventory (Sortly)
• Moodboard creation (Microsoft PowerPoint)
• New stock purchase (Xero)
Step 3 – Logistics
• Coordinate logistics of ‘Removals’ (Transport), ‘Stagers’ (Designer) & ‘Handyman’ (Trades)
• Identify and move allocated stock into Van (Sortly)
• Update stock Inventory (Sortly)
• Delivery and installation
Step 4 – Admin Support
• Ongoing furniture rental invoicing (Xero)
• 2nd invoice issued (Xero)
• Payroll
• Coordination of any furniture sales
• Photo upload of project completion (SharePoint)
• Finalise inventory and produce PDF pricelist (Sortly)
• Action and upload ‘Stager’ feedback
• Produce before/after presentation and case study (Microsoft PowerPoint)
• Send post staging collateral via agent database (Pipedrive)
• Request referral fee invoice

5. Requirements
We require tenders for delivery, implementation, training and support of an ERP platform that provides the following, (but not exhaustive) list of features and capabilities. A significant part of the new system or platform will be inventory and warehousing management, (WHM) including custom barcoding and flexible integration with relevant hardware, custom fields for product/stock items, stock level alerts and essentially, multiple stock item images.
Task (Project Management (asset, resource, people)) tools including task allocation, notification and progress will need to be visible for the whole team. All client correspondence needs to be automatically managed and controlled within the system or platform (CRM). Client information is also used to deliver marketing and promotional intelligence for email campaigns.

The new system should automate processes and deliver a complete solution for running a ‘Property Staging’ business efficiently, with potential for delivering ‘home staging’ tools & services to our partners in the future.

We would prefer to receive applications that make use of well known, ‘recognised’ products and services, however we will consider applications that provide a clear and apparent justification for the capabilities and future-proof flexibility of other products and services.

We also consider our long-term digital strategy to be of significant importance, therefore we require that the system or platform we choose will be, robust, scalable and (relatively) future proof as the business goes through a significant growth period.

We would also like consideration be taken to how the chosen system or platform will provide value-add or an ‘attractive aspect’, to the business to potential future investors.
System / Platform features include (but not restricted to);

1. Accounting and Financials
• General Ledger
• Accounts Receivable / Payable
• Invoicing/Billing
• Deposits
• ERP-to-Bank Interfaces and Reconciliation
• Cash Flow Management
• Budgeting & Analysis
• Automatic & Manual Cost Calculation
• Cost Analysis
• Payroll
• Expense Management

2. Human Capital Management (HR)
• Benefits Administration
• Human Resource Management
• Payroll Integration
• Employee Performance Management
• Tax Administration
• Personal Income Tax
• Employee Self-Service
• Manager Self-Service
• Talent Management
• Time and Labour/Attendance
• Timecard Management

3. Manufacturing and Distribution
• Capacity Requirements Planning
• Process Synchronization
• Product Data Management
• Forecasting
• Job Costing
• Master Production Scheduling
• Quality Monitoring
• Quality Analysis
• Resource Planning and Management

4. Materials Management
• MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations)
• Availability of Materials
• Availability of Stock
• Optimum Store Inventory
• Planning

5. Sales and Inventory Management
• Pricing
• Picking Including Stock Item Image
• Multiple Stock Item Images
• Custom Quotations
• Sales Order Process & Management
• ‘Capable’ to ‘Promise’ Inventory
• Bill of Materials (BOM) & Reporting
• Credit Card Processing
• Online Transaction Reporting
• Custom Barcodes
• Custom Barcode Labelling
• Unlimited custom product fields
• Stock level alerts
• Analytics Dashboarding

6. Supply Chain Management
• Logistics Planning & Management
• Procurement & Sourcing
• Demand Planning
• Distribution Management
• Event Management
• Management of Resources
• Scheduling & Dispatch of Orders
• Production Performance Analysis

7. Customer Relationship Management
• Customer Account Management
• Customer Account Dashboard
• Contact Management
• Automated Marketing
• Marketing Resource Management
• Pricing and Tracking
• Cost Summaries
• Service Management
• B2C Commerce
• B2B Commerce
• Order Management
• Email Tools
• Email Integration
• Case Management
• Customer Self-Service
• Marketing Campaign
• Rental Management
• Sales Management
• Mobile Access
• Sales Force Automation

8. Integration Capabilities
• Module Integration
• Hardware Integration
• Application and Software Integration
• Integration With Handheld Mobile Devices
• Integration With Portable Scanners
• Integration With Barcode Generator

9. Deployment
• Cloud-Based

10. Support
• Full Training (User & Admin)
• Maintenance Agreement
• Phone
• Email
• Chat/IM
• Helpdesk Support

6. Your Tender
Your tender will go through an evaluation and selection process.
Selection Process
Proposals will be evaluated based on the criteria as detailed below. As part of the selection process, we will score suppliers based on the evaluation criteria. Each supplier will be awarded points based on their proposals. We will use the weight scoring method to assess each proposal and the highest scoring proposal will ultimately enable us to decide on the successful supplier.

Following on from a comprehensive demonstration, we may then follow up with further discussions upon that and selected suppliers will have the opportunity to provide any further demonstrations if required, along with a final fully costed written proposal to be received by email no later than 20th October 2021.

Evaluation criteria
At each stage of the selection process, proposed solutions will be evaluated on the criteria stated
below, our evaluation will consider key elements through scoring & weightings below.

(X) = Points
(%) = Weighting Factor
1. Quotation must include supplier’s name and full business address (on a letterhead document) Pass/Fail
2. Quotation must be dated & stipulated validation period (ideally for three months) – Pass/Fail
3. Quotation must stipulate payment terms – Pass/Fail
4. Requirements, itemised tender covering all points clearly – Pass/Fail
5. Requirements, inventory management directly linked to account management (30%)
6. Clarity and ease of use for multiple end users in different parts of the business (15%)
7. Overall project cost – (15%)
8. Implementation plan & timeframe, support, training and consultancy services – (20%)
9. Post go-live ongoing annual subscriptions / license / support & associated costs – (20%)
Evaluation methodology being points (quality of response 4 – 1)
4. (Excellent) – Exceptional demonstration by the Supplier, assurance met that relevant requirement is met and/or relevant area meets our expectations
3. (Good) – Good demonstration by the Supplier, assurance met that relevant requirement is met and/or relevant area meets our expectations
2. (Average) – Supplier has provided satisfactory suitability in relevant areas of project/requirements
1. (Poor) – Supplier has provided proposals / demonstrations or relevant other information but we
have been left with reservations on suitability
0. (Unsuitable) – Supplier has been unable to assert confidence in relevant area or requirement

Additional Information
Suppliers can show interest & have discussions with us via telephone & video meeting concerning any areas of the project up until proposal submission date to which by then, we would require a written proposal to include:
• All aspects of this project, software & online presence. It is imperative for us to understand any third-party involvement that you will manage as the service provider
• An expected timeline to provide to us with online Teams/Zoom full demonstration mocked up to facilitate our specification to enable us to view the system & how it would work for us
• Inclusive quotation of all costs (detailed comprehensive breakdown within quote) & a valid period date from quotation, ideally three months
• In order for the project to remain fully confidential we will require any interested suppliers to sign and return our NDA.

7. Written Proposal
Suppliers are required to provide a written proposal, detailing the software and hardware (if
applicable) proposed, indicating whether each element of the functionality requested is a standard feature of the proposed solution, and can be demonstrated now, or would need to be developed.

The proposal should identify all costs related to software, hardware, consultancy and training services, and include details of any ongoing costs including support, licensing etc. and must be clearly outlined for each.

Where third parties are used e.g., to provide cloud-based services, it is expected that responsibility for those items/services will lie with the primary supplier both for managing implementation of the
item/service/project and for ongoing support. Proposed arrangements should be documented within the proposal.

• All written fully costed proposals submitted should be supplied in PDF format
• ALL quotes MUST be on a Company letterheaded paper including VAT reg number
• ALL quotes MUST include the FULL company address and Registered address where appropriate
• ALL quotes MUST be addressed to
• ALL quotes MUST include our full business address.
• ALL quotes MUST be Dated when issued
• ALL quotes MUST contain a clear price breakdown of items/services being supplied (prices must be clearly indicated inc./exc.
• Proposals should be valid for at least 90 days and clearly show a sufficient valid date period.

8. Decision and Project Timescale
All requests for the specification & any general associated discussions must be made to us by any
means of contact deadline date.

Proposals received after the deadline date will not be considered.

The ability to deliver the project starting in November and completing the set-up and training phase by mid-February is a key metric for a successful bid.

Our quieter business months are over this period and we need all staff trained ahead of the busy Spring period.

Deadline dates for proposal submissions; 20th October 2021
Final decision to be made by; 23rd October 2021
We expect the project to commence; 16th November 2021

9. Contact and Further Questions
Please contact us for more information in relation to this project specification
Contact email:
Phone: 01332 987740

Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Open Tender
Category Information Communication Technology,
CPV codes 00000001,
Suitable for SME YES


20 October 2021

13 days


20 October 2021

13 days


Lemon and Lime Homes Limited
Kirsty Fisher


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