ESF Prison Radio Project

ESF Prison Radio Project

Contract value:£60,000 – £70,000. The National Offender Management Service Co-financing Organisation (NOMS CFO) is inviting applications to establish and run a prison radio project to raise awareness of European Social Fund projects among prisoners.European Social Fund 2011 – 2014 – Technical Assistance – Provision of Prison Radio Project

Reference number: 2531-2-Reducing Reoffending-SE-RFP

Deadline date:24/08/2012

This deadline is for… Last date for receipt of Expressions of Interest (EOI) from prospective providers

Contract value:£60,000 – £70,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out: England Performance of the Service is in England only

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers? Yes

Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations? Yes

Name of the buying organisation: Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Procurement – CMT L&SE


Description of the contract

The National Offender Management Service Co-financing Organisation (NOMS CFO) is inviting applications to establish and run a prison radio project to raise awareness of European Social Fund projects among prisoners. Please see attached for background detail on the NOMS CFO programme. National Prison Radio (NPR) is an innovative way of communicating with prisoners. The service broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via the in-cell TV system. NPR broadcasts information and educational content which supports NOMS priorities in reducing reoffending and encourages prisoners to become active learners, engaging with the range of advice, support services and opportunities available to them. NOMS contracts the Prison Radio Association (PRA) to oversee the day to day running of NPR. The Prison Radio Association is a registered charity. Based in HMP Brixton its staff work alongside prisoners to make the radio programmes. Although it is radio made ‘for prisoners by prisoners’ nothing on NPR is live, and nothing is broadcast that hasn’t been heard and checked by radio professionals. NPR has a strict code of conduct and is regulated by Ofcom. It not only abides by the Ofcom code but also follows the NOMS Prison Radio Guidelines designed to safeguard the integrity and security of prisons involved in producing and receiving the service. In an environment where many prisoners find reading difficult the service delivers vital information in clear, simple language which is easy to understand. The attached documents provide further detail relating to this requirement. The prison radio project will run for 18 months and be based in a public sector prison of the prospective provider’s choice within England only. The successful provider will need to demonstrate how it will manage this project in a prison environment with regard to the security regulations and restrictions. There are no recommendations with regard to which prison the project should be based in, however it must be within a public sector prison in England and it would be an advantage if the intended prison is one which currently runs a prison radio (or equivalent) course. 24 public sector prisons currently run radio courses and these are HMPs: 1. Altcourse 2.Ashfield 3.Aylesbury 4.Birmingham 5.Brixton 6.Bristol 7.Channings Wood 8.Coldingley 9.Eastwood Park 10.Erlestoke 11.Hewell 12.Holloway 13.Isis 14.Lancaster Farms 15.Leeds 16.Liverpool 17.Nottingham 18.Pentonville 19.Portland 20.Rye Hill 21.Styal 22.The Verne 23.Wandsworth 24.Wormwood Scrubs The successful provider will: – Produce a weekly programme and information ‘spots’ for broadcast on National Prison Radio (see below) which will make prisoners aware of the opportunities and advantages of engaging with the services and interventions funded by the European Social Fund. (Audio would be for exclusive use of National Prison Radio (NPR) and could not be provided to any other party without permission from Head of Prison Radio). – Include prisoners as part of the production team thereby providing a ‘real work’ environment where prisoners can access on-the-job training and work that is creative, challenging and rewarding. (It is expected that they will have already gained NCFE Level 1 radio production skills or its equivalent). – Appoint an appropriately qualified and competent Radio Project Manager to be responsible for: • Training the prisoner workforce to the required technical and editorial standard. • Overseeing delivery of weekly NPR content. • Ensuring it complies with NOMS Prison Radio guidelines and the Ofcom broadcasting code, and copyright laws. – We would suggest that the range of competencies needed for the Radio Project Manger would include, but not be limited to, • Sound editorial judgement • An in-depth understanding of the Ofcom broadcasting code and media law. • Strong track record in radio production. • Effective people and performance management skills including the ability to give constructive feedback, deal with sensitive issues and to make difficult decisions. • Strong computer literacy and the ability to learn new production technologies and adapt to new ways of working. • The ability to work in a prison environment. The Successful Provider will be required to work closely with Head of Prison Radio and CFO Manager, Offender Services Co Commissioning Group (OCSG) NOMS Co-Financing Organisation The Project is expected to commence in January 2013 and will run for 18 months.


Classification of the contract

98390000 Other services


Additional information

Contract type: Services – Unspecified

Is it a framework agreement? No

Is this contract related to a programme of funding? Yes : Provision of Services to raise awareness of European Social Fund projects among prisoners through NOMS ESF co- financing programme 2011-2014

Contract will be awarded based on: Most economically advantageous tender in terms of: The criteria stated in the contract documents

Estimated length of contract: 18 Months


Who to contact

Contact name Ame Dada

Organisation name Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Procurement – CMT L&SE

Address , SW1H 9HD


Extension number:


Web address


How to apply

Please note the £70,000 budget needs to cover all running costs – salary / travel expenses. Equipment costs will not be funded and where this is required, the cost must be borne by the successful Provider. ESF funding rules are very strict in relation to the purchase of capital equipment (usually under 1,000 pounds sterling per item) and potential providers should familiarise themselves with these rules. The Ministry of Justice will be performing events through its eSourcing Portal. The eSourcing Portal is an online application that allows all potential suppliers to create and submit their responses to any Requests for Information, Requests for Quotes, or Requests for Proposals via the internet rather than in paper form (where they have been invited to respond). The eSourcing Portal will also be used by the Ministry of Justice to run Reverse Auctions. If you are not registered on the eSourcing Portal please send an email to the relevant buyer as stated in the notice/advert stating: Company Name Your Name Contact email Sourcing Reference Number: 2531-2-Reducing Reoffending-SE-RFP The buyer will then contact you with the registration process. If you are already registered on the eSourcing Portal please contact the relevant Buyer expressing your interest in the sourcing event. The buyer will contact all providers whom have expressed an interest in the tender by email in the week commencing 27 August 2012 outlining the next stage of the procurement process. Please note that you will not be able to view details of the event prior to the go-live date on the eSourcing portal. Transparency: HM Government requires that tender documentation issued by government departments for contracts with a value exceeding £10,000 over the life of the contract are published online ( for the general public. The resulting contract shall also be published. The Ministry of Justice may use its discretion to redact information to protect key commercial interests or on prescribed grounds. Therefore, bidders who wish information not to be published if successful should secure agreement with the Ministry of Justice prior to submission. Only documentation relating to awarded contracts will be published. Key commercial interests would be trade secrets and commercial interests which would be prejudiced by publication, following the tests in section 43 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The prescribed grounds for redaction are: (a) national security; (b) personal data; (c) information protected by intellectual property law; (d) information which it is not in the public interest to disclose (following the tests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000) (e) third party confidential information; (f) IT security; or (g) prevention of fraud. The procurement process will be as follows: Expression of interest submission; RFP submission; RFP evaluation; Award.