Executive Search Contract for UKRI

Executive Search Contract for UKRI

The UKRI Executive Chairs will support the UKRI Board to be a strong, unified voice for science, research and business-led innovation, both in facilitating the dialogue with government and partners on the world stage.

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11 September 2017

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22 September 2017

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06 October 2017

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31 March 2018



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UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), is a new research and innovation body which will be set up to strengthen the strategic approach to future challenges and maximise value from government’s investment of over £6bn per annum in research and innovation. It will deliver a strengthened, unified voice for the UK’s research and innovation funding system, facilitating the dialogue with government and partners on the global stage. It will build on the UK’s world class research and innovation performance enabling the system to respond rapidly and effectively to current and future challenges.

Delivering these benefits requires strong and empowered leadership within UKRI. The creation of UKRI will retain the key characteristics of the current system that have underpinned the UK’s success, such as discipline leadership and autonomy, and dual funding. UKRI is merging of the existing functions of the seven Research Councils, Innovate UK, and the Higher Education Funding Council for England’s (HEFCE) research and knowledge exchange functions (to be known as Research England).

These bodies will remain distinct as Councils of UKRI, each led by an Executive Chair – a high profile and significant position.

The UKRI Executive Chairs will support the UKRI Board to be a strong, unified voice for science, research and business-led innovation, both in facilitating the dialogue with government and partners on the world stage.

The Executive Chair will be a powerful position focussed on key strategic planning and decision making within their Council’s area of expertise. They will report to UKRI’s Chief Executive Officer, but will have a significant degree of delegated autonomy and authority over discipline- and subject-specific matters.

These individuals will also work with the UKRI Board and other Councils’ Executive Chairs to deliver best value from the research and innovation funding system.

The Contracting Authority is seeking an organisation to deliver search requirements for the vacancies in order for the successful applicants to be appointed at various stages. The councils specified in the tender may be subject to change; therefore the successful supplier will need to be flexible.

These posts are not currently regulated by the Commissioner for Public Appointments (OCPA). However, the campaign process will still aim to follow the best practice according to those appointment principles.

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