Film Development Project – London

Film Development Project – London

This specification below outlines a requirement for two films: 1 – An animated ‘fly over’-style explainer film with narration and music called Estuary 2050.

Opportunity Id
Thames Estuary Explainer and Virtual Reality Film
92111210-7 – Advertising film production
92111250-9 – Information film production
92111310-8 – Entertainment film production

The Thames Estuary Growth Board seeks a qualified and experienced supplier to deliver a film project about the Thames Estuary region. The Thames Estuary is the UK’s newest and most exciting growth region, backed by the UK Government. The Thames Estuary Envoy, Kate Willard OBE, leading The Thames Estuary Growth Board through its ‘Green Blue’ Vision, is unlocking the potential of this place – a region with blurred boundaries in east London, north Kent, south Essex and the River Thames. This specification below outlines a requirement for two films: 1 – An animated ‘fly over’-style explainer film with narration and music called Estuary 2050 – which imagines the Estuary in 2050 and the realization of our place vision (to be completed by April 2021). 2 – A virtual reality version of the film – to give people a 3D, simulated experience of the place we are creating. To be used at events. (to be completed by August 2021). The explainer/animated film is provisionally called ‘Estuary 2050’. The intention of the film is to tell a story about the Thames Estuary we are building. The message to investors, developers, businesses and local communities is ‘Join us now and be part of the amazing future we are creating’. We want to commission a high-octane film that imagines this enormous potential has been realised to generate excitement and mobilise support. We will use the film to promote our message domestically and internationally digitally, on websites, social channels and at events. It will become a key marketing tool for us. Separately, we would like to commission a virtual reality version of this film to give people a more intimate and immersive experience. We want to present the viewer with a vision of Estuary 2050. We envisage using the film at promotional events, but we would welcome advice around how we can utilize it more widely and the equipment we should purchase to enable us to show it. PLEASE NOTE: This opportunity is being managed by Local London – a sub-regional partnership of eight boroughs in east London – on behalf of Thames Estuary Growth Board. Thurrock Council – as the accountable body for the Thames Estuary Growth Board – will be responsible for payments to the appointed supplier.

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London Borough of Redbridge
Paul Morris
Lynton House , 255-259 High Road

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From 13/01/2021 14:00 to 05/02/2021 14:00