Filming and Editing Contract

Filming and Editing Contract

filming, voiceover and images (where required) for 10 minute film.

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  • Motion picture and video production services – 92111000

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Any region

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Published date

06 September 2018

Closing date

19 September 2018

Contract start date

01 October 2018

Contract end date

31 March 2019

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Contract is suitable for VCSEs?




The purpose of the new contract is twofold:

– Taking the footage of the bog restoration work shot as part of the previous contract along with other images created by the project, and editing with additional filming, voiceover and images (where required) into a 10 minute film for the end of project conference describing the restoration works undertaken during the project – and later posting on YouTube.
– Using the footage of the bog restoration work shot as part of the previous contract, create a series of three short technical films aimed at lowland bog restoration professionals, showing what techniques have been used within the project, and the practical application of these techniques in restoring bogs. The topics will include:
o Using peat bunding to raise the hydrology and rewet degraded lowland raised bogs
o Use of rotary flails in removing rhododendron and scrub from lowland raised bogs
o Re-vegetating milled peat sites – practical techniques and lessons learnt

There will be additional footage and graphics required to complete this work and more detailed interviews with contractors illustrating issues and techniques required to deal with them.


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Natural England,





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