Framework Agreement for Day to Day Buildings Maintenance

Expressions of Interest for the provision of a Framework Agreement for Day to Day Buildings Maintenance

The Council has a property estate currently comprising operational buildings (including schools) and further miscellaneous non-operational buildings for which it has a mixed selection of premises management responsibilities

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Procurement and Contract Management
Expressions of interest are invited for the provision of a framework agreement for day to day buildings maintenance.
The Council has a property estate currently comprising operational buildings (including schools) and further miscellaneous non-operational buildings for which it has a mixed selection of premises management responsibilities. This estate comprises principally schools and other education related premises, libraries, offices, fire stations, public toilets, leisure centres, care homes, day centres, and a selection other miscellaneous properties. (Due to the Council’s re-organisation programme the number of buildings will however decrease during the term of the Framework Agreement).
The Isle of Wight Council (“the Council”) is seeking to ensure it continues to meet its obligations and needs to engage a suitably qualified and competent Contractor(s) to supply all labour and materials to be able to satisfactorily undertake the execution of ALL maintenance and general repair work in ALL trades whether mentioned in the documents (Pre Qualification Questionnaire (“PQQ”) and Invitation to Tender (“ITT”)) or not and to the RT time limits as directed, at such buildings owned or controlled by the Council and as the Contract Administrator may direct during the contract period. The potential provider is required to note, however, that by the very nature of the work, i.e. reported repairs, no guarantee can be given with regard to the volume, trade requirements or continuity within any one given area.
It is anticipated that the Framework Agreement shall commence on the 01 June 2012 for a period of four years. 
The potential provider’s particular attention is drawn to the fact that emergency work may, at the request of the Contract Administrator, be ordered outside normal working hours and during all statutory holiday periods(including Christmas). Potential provider’s tendering for the Framework Agreement shall examine the basic Schedule of Rates inserted against individual items contained in the Schedule which will be provided to short listed Contractors in the ITT and estimate the percentage omission or addition they require per annum to each trade section and within each work category. The properties will be split into two Lots as detailed below and will generally be occupied.
·         Lot 1 – Schools / Various Miscellaneous Education Sites / Children’s Centres / Youth Clubs.
·         Lot 2 – Offices / Industrial Units and Depots / Day Centres and Care Homes / Various Miscellaneous Non-Operational Buildings and Land / Libraries / Tourist Information Centres / Leisure Facilities / Various Related Miscellaneous Amenity Sites /Fire Stations / Public Conveniences / Cemeteries.
The period for completion of works will be indicated on the appropriate written order or given a prefixed category as follows:
·         “RT1″ – Immediate action – response within two hours and completion or first aid repairs within 24 hours -executed within the normal working day.
·         “RT2″ – Immediate action – response within two hours and completion or first aid repairs within 24 hours -executed outside the normal working day.
·         “RT3″ – Completion within 5 working days or other agreed time.
The appointed Contractor(s) must make adequate provision for holding stock of material and plant in the operation areas together with having sufficient labour of all trades, to meet the delivery of a 7 days a week, 24hours a day Emergency Service and the undertaking of the Works Orders that are to be issued at the discretion of the Contract Administrator. Potential Contractors are also required to note that they must maintain a staffed office at all times during normal working hours and provide adequate cover outside these hours in order to receive telephone instructions from the Contract Administrator.
One Contractor will be appointed under each Lot. Potential providers will have the opportunity bid for one or both lots. The Council reserves the right to award both lots, either of the lots or no lots and reserves the right to award both lots to one provider or each lot to separate providers depending on which is the most economically advantageous option.
A more detailed notice has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 02 December 2011 in accordance with statutory requirements. The reference number for this notice is 2011/S 235-380709.
The Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 2000 which came into force on 01.01.2005 applies to the contracting authority. If any Tenderer considers that any information supplied by them is either commercially sensitive or confidential in nature, this should be highlighted and the reasons for its sensitivity specified. In such cases the relevant material will, in response to FOI requests, be examined in light of exemptions provided for in this act.
If you do not get a response within 24 hours of initially requesting the documentation, it is the tenderers responsibility to re contact the Isle of Wight Council to obtain the documents.
Expressions of interest can be submitted by completing a Pre Qualification Questionnaire which is to be returned by no later than 14:00 Hrs on the 23 January 2012. All applicants who express an interest are required to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) which seeks information including economic and financial standing, technical ability and experience.
The questionnaire can be obtained from: