Freeports Consultation Extended Until 13 July 2020

Freeports Consultation Extended Until 13 July 2020

The deadline for the Freeports Consultation has been changed from 20 April to 13 July due to the disruption caused by the Coronavirus.

Freeports Consultation Extension

The government has committed to create up to ten new innovative Freeports across the UK, to level up the country and benefit from the opportunities of leaving the EU.

The consultation laying out the government’s vision for UK Freeports was published on 10 February, and was intended to close on 20 April. We are grateful for the responses we have already received.

The government recognises that key sectors with an interest in this policy, including ports, businesses, and local government, are presently facing disruption as a result of Covid-19. We want to give all stakeholders time to submit their views.

Therefore, the Freeports consultation will be extended to close on 13 July. Responses can be submitted through the existing portal until this date.

We will consider a further extension if we feel stakeholders have not had adequate opportunity to fully engage with the consultation before 13 July.

These changes will allow businesses and communities across the UK to fully engage with the consultation, and ensure that the new Freeports are grounded in local needs and ambitions.

Any queries about this extension or the consultation should be directed to: