Gloucestershire Care and Support Individual Package

Gloucestershire Care and Support Individual Package – MF (Mental Health)

Gloucestershire County Council.

MF is a 24 year old Black British Caribbean man with a diagnosis of Atypical Autism (F841) and Developmental Disorder of Speech and Language Unspecified, (F809).   He was admitted to Hereward Wake, specialist Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) unit on 18th December 2008 for further assessment of his condition and related offending patterns.
Gloucestershire County Council’s Community & Adult Care Directorate seek to commission a package of care and support for the individual MF an adult with Mental Health issues who lives in Gloucestershire.  Responses to this Request for Quote should be made via the Supplying the South West system by registering an interest against this advert.  Once this step is completed you will receive an email containing the link to further information.  Responses should be made using the blank pro-forma within that information.
PLEASE NOTE:  Any package purchased will be made under the Care & Support Spot Contract attached to this RFQ.  Response to this RFQ signifies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the Care & Support Spot Contract.
Upon agreement of any package the Purchaser shall issue an Individual Service Contract in respect of the individual (part of the Spot Contract attached) which will be duly signed by the Provider and the Purchaser.

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