Grants for Small Derbyshire Businesses

Grants for Small Derbyshire Businesses

Could your business benefit from a grant of up to £75,000? If so, we want to hear from you.


Grants for Small Derbyshire Businesses
Awarding body Derbyshire County Council

EST. START DATE: 30/11/2014
EST. END DATE: 31/03/2015


Could your business benefit from a grant of up to £75,000? If so, we want to hear from you.

Derbyshire Economic Partnership, supported by Derbyshire County Council, has £3m available from the Government to help small businesses in Derbyshire to grow and create jobs.

Businesses could be eligible for a grant of £4,000 or more through our Global Derbyshire Small Business Support Programme to help fund projects which will lead to the employment of at least one extra person.

We’ve made it easier to apply ? and we can even help you with the application process. So if you think your business could be eligible visit or email or call us on 01629 539325 or 01629 538245.

The scheme is open to small businesses in Derbyshire (excluding Derby City) and projects awarded funding need to be complete by 31 March 2015. Closing date for applications is February 2015.

Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Expressions of Interest
Category Accommodation, Accountancy, Adult, Adult & Further Education Services, Advertising,Advocacy, Agency, Aggregates, Animal Services, Application Service Provision,Architect, Arms Length Management Organisations, Arts & Crafts, Arts & Leisure Services, Audio Visual, Audit, Banking, Banquet & Catering, Bathrooms, Bitumen & Surface Dressing, Body Transport Service, Building Construction Materials, Building Refurbishment,Buildings, Burial & Cremation, Business,Cafeteria Service, Call Systems, Car Parks,Care Services, Cash Collection, Catering,Cemetery & Crematorium, Chemicals, Children,Children Services, Childrens & Adults,Civil/Groundworks, Cleaning & Janitorial,Cleaning Materials, Cleaning Service, Clothing,Commercial, Commercial Furniture, Concrete,Construction, Consultancy, Consumables,Council Tax & Business Rates, Counselling,Couriers, Credit Services, Cycles, Debt Collection & Recovery, Demolition & Asbestos Removal, Design & Photography, Disabled Children, Disaster Recovery, Disposal of Storage Media, Document Archiving & Storage,Domestic Furniture, Domestic Goods, Drugs,Education, Educational building, Educational Furniture, Efficiency, Election Services,Electrical, Electricity, Energy Efficiency,Engineering, Environmental Services,Equipment, Equipment & Utensils, Events,Examinational Fees, Facilities & Management Services, Fees, Fencing, Financial Services,Fines Collection, Fleet Management, Floor Coverings, Food & Beverages, Forensic & Laboratory, Freight, Fuel, Furniture & Soft Furnishings, Gas, General Materials, General Support, Glazing, Graffiti Removal, Grants,Hand Tools, Hardware, Haulage, Health & Safety, Healthcare, Heating & Air Conditioning,Heating Oil, Heavy Construction Equipment,Highway Equipment & Materials, Hire,Horticultural, Housing Management, Human Resources, Industrial, Information Communication Technology, Insurance,Interpretation & Translation, Investments,Kitchens, Land Protection, Laundry Equipment,Laundry Equipment Maintenance, Laundry Service, Leasing, Legal Opinion, Legal Services, Leisure Equipment, Letting Agents,Library Books, Lifts, Lighting, Literature,Machine Tools, Mail Services, Maintenance,Maintenance & Support, Management, Market Research, Modular and portable building,Monitoring, Museums & Art, Not Elsewhere Classified, Office & Reprographics Equipment,Office Furniture, Online Services, Open Spaces,Operations, Organised Activities, Outsourced Service, Paint & Finishing, Paper, Parks, Parts,Passenger Transport, Paving & Kerbstones,Pension Funds, Performing Arts, Planning,Playground Equipment, Playground Maintenance, Plumbing, Portable Building Hire,Postage, Printing, Procurement, Products,Professional & Advisory Services, Professional Musical Instruments, Project Management,Property, Property Management, Public Health,Public Relations & Image, Public Transport,Recruitment & Assessment, Refund, Removals,Rents, Repair, Reprographics, Retail, Revenue Collection, Roads, Rock Salt, Roofing, Room Hire, Safety Footwear, School Books, School Musical Instruments, Security, Seeds & Plants,Service, Services, Signage, Signage & Livery,Social Community Care Supplies & Services,Social Policy, Soft Furnishings, Software, Soils & Dressing, Specialist Support, Sport & Fitness,Sports & Playground Equipment & Maintenance, Sports Equipment, Sports Equipment Maintenance, Stationery, Stock Management, Stones & Rocks, Storage,Strategic Planning, Street & Traffic Management, Street Cleansing, Street Furniture & Ironworks, Street Lighting, Subscriptions,Sundries, Supplies, Take Away Service, Tax Collection, Taxi Services, Technical & Feasibility, Technical Equipment,Telecommunications, Temporary & Agency Staff, Testing & Inspection, Timber, Tools & Equipment, Toys, Traffic Control, Training & Conferences, Transportation Services, Travel & Subsistence, Tree Trimming, Trees & Shrubs,Uniforms, Utilities, Utilities works, Vehicle Hire,Vehicle Management, Vehicle Recovery,Vending Machines & Dispensers, Wardens,Washroom Sanitation Service, Waste Management, Water, Weather Forecasts,Website Development, Weed Control, Works – Construction, Repair & Maintenance,
CPV codes 00000001,
Suitable for SME YES

2 February 2015
3 months
31 March 2015
5 months
Derbyshire County Council
Mark Tomblin
01629 539325 or 01629 538245.

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