Health and Wellbeing Survey Derbyshire

Health and Wellbeing Survey Derbyshire

1. To carry out dog fouling surveys in areas of the central core of Swadlincote, Derbyshire on two separate days in Autumn 2014 and Spring 2015. The surveys will need to be undertaken in accordance with the former NI195 cleanliness performance indicator. 



Health and Wellbeing Survey
Awarding body South Derbyshire District Council

EST. START DATE: 01/10/2014
EST. END DATE: 01/04/2014


Environmental Pride Project 
Scope of work required by third party
Project Summary 
Indicators of health and wellbeing in parts of the Swadlincote urban core in Derbyshire are showing evidence of decline. The figures from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment indicate that Newhall and Stanton wards are ranked in the top 10-20% most deprived in England. This ranking of deprivation has shown a worsening trend since 2007.

Indicator measures specific to the urban core areas around Swadlincote, compared to the district as a whole indicate poorer health amongst young people including emotional and mental wellbeing and poorer health amongst adults including no qualifications and poor mental wellbeing.

In response to this challenge, the evolving South Derbyshire Health and Wellbeing Action Plan (also called the Locality Plan) is taking a geographical theme focusing on interventions which can reverse these trends..

The health and self-worth of a population in a location is often linked in a positive feedback relationship with the local environmental conditions. Visible evidence of neglect promotes a perception of lack of value, which creates a lack of aspiration and poor state of mental health. The low level anti-social behaviour which can arise from this leads to a further deterioration of local environmental conditions…and so the cycle continues.

Environmental conditions in the Swadlincote urban core are not currently deemed to be poor based on the measured evidence available to the Council (such as number of complaints and measurements of street cleanliness). However if the existing trend in deprivation continues, then experience suggests that conditions will deteriorate; and if they deteriorate then the trend of increasing deprivation is more likely to continue.

Resent research by the Tidy Britain Group has provided valuable evidence of the interaction between deprivation and environmental quality. It also provides outcomes from research evidence on the best ways of engaging with deprived communities in order to deliver environmental improvements. 

The primary aim of this project is to engage with the deprived communities of Swadlincote to lead to improvements in their perceptions of their local environment and to create measurable improvements in the local environmental conditions. 

The long term aspiration is to develop a location specific environmental brand which will encapsulate a number of parallel and phased activities aimed at controlling dog fouling, littering, flytipping, graffiti, urban decline, etc in these deprived wards and which will act as a visible representation of increased aspirations of these communities. 

Fee Proposal Required

We require third party support to provide the following services in support of the environmental pride project;

1. To carry out dog fouling surveys in areas of the central core of Swadlincote, Derbyshire on two separate days in Autumn 2014 and Spring 2015. The surveys will need to be undertaken in accordance with the former NI195 cleanliness performance indicator. We would propose that the resources required for these surveys would require two survey staff on two days, plus time to complete the report.

2. To deliver an anti-dog fouling campaign during the autumn and winter of 2014/5 to promote the message to encourage dog owners to pick up after their dogs.

3. To carry out an on-street perception survey in Spring 2014 of at least 400 individuals at various locations within the study area of central Swadlincote to be conducted at different times of the day and days of the week to ensure a fully representative sample. To map the results of the perception survey against the street cleanliness surveys to enable a comparison between perception and reality. To produce a survey report in order to highlight where perception and actual standards do and don’t align and to identify key recommendations and therefore key priority areas for targeting in future work plans.

4. To provide the Council with a report of the outcomes of the survey with conclusions and recommendations to enable the Council to identify further actions for inclusion in a work plan for 2015/16.

We anticipate requiring the delivery of all of these services before April 2015, with the possibility of additional work in subsequent years. I would therefore appreciate your keenest quotes.

Matthew Holford
Environmental Health Manager
South Derbyshire District Council 

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26 September 2014

14 days


26 September 2014

14 days


South Derbyshire District Council
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