Healthy Workplaces Accreditation Scheme – North Somerset

Healthy Workplaces Accreditation Scheme – North Somerset

Workplace health is about promoting and managing staff health and wellbeing.

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Healthy Workplaces Accreditation Scheme
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North Somerset Healthy Workplaces Accreditation Scheme: Expressions of interest July 2021

This is not a call for competition, we are completing a market sounding exercise. Therefore, if you are interested in this opportunity and believe you could fulfil the service required, please click the expression of interest link on the portal.


North Somerset Council are seeking to develop a healthy workplaces accreditation scheme. The purpose of developing such a scheme is to support local employers to develop and deliver policies and programmes within their organisations that promote and improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. Thus helping to reduce health inequality, and bringing economic benefits to the local area.


Workplace health is about promoting and managing staff health and wellbeing. Workplace health is also a Government priority. Local healthy workplace accreditation schemes are designed to support employers with workplace health and wellbeing. The approach is supported by Public Health England (PHE) and the Local Government Association, with guidance and best practice examples available[1]. Such schemes deliver demonstratable outcomes for employers. PHE have highlighted exemplar schemes nationally, and in the South West of England, including:

  • Be healthy at work, Cornwall Council Healthy Workplaces Programme[2]
  • North East England, better health at work award[3]
  • Thrive at Work West Midlands[4]
  • Healthy Workplaces Gloucestershire[5]
  • Plymouth Workplace Awards[6].


Each scheme has been locally developed, and is designed by, and for, employers in those areas. The Council are seeking a Supplier to design and develop a healthy workplace accreditation scheme for future use and delivery within North Somerset. Although a detailed service specification is still in development, deliverables are likely to include:

  • Details of participant agreements, scheme participants and supporting networks and document/s.
  • Accreditation scheme assessment criteria and supporting document/s.
  • Structure and terms for employer health and wellbeing teams to use.
  • A process, and supporting document/s, for employers to complete their own baseline health needs assessments.
  • A process, and supporting document/s, for employer action planning and reporting.
  • An “active interest” list of employers seeking to join the scheme.
  • A progress evaluation report at the end of phase 1.


The Council plan for phase 1 of the scheme to run for 6 months. It is intended for the Supplier to recruit 6 employers to the first phase of the scheme.  The Supplier, in partnership with each of the participating employers, will have completed a baseline health needs assessment and drafted a healthy workplaces action plan for each employer by the end of the phase 1. At the end of phase 1 the Supplier will provide the deliverables to the Council for onwards use and expansion of the scheme.


[1] PHE (2019) Local Healthy Workplace Accreditation Guidance. Online:

[2] Cornwall Council () Be healthy at work. Online:

[3] Northern TUC (2010) Better health at work award. Online:

[4] West Midlands Combined Authority (2019) Thrive at work. Online:

[5] Healthy Workplaces Gloucestershire (2020). Online:

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Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire
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Health, Wellbeing, Accreditation, Development, Workplaces, Scheme

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North Somerset Council
Rachel Braund
Town Hall
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From 12/07/2021 13:00 to 26/07/2021 13:00