High Potential Senior Leaders Programme – Department for Education

High Potential Senior Leaders Programme – Department for Education

This three-year funded leadership development programme is designed to raise levels of pupil achievement in England’s challenging schools.

Reference number:1239

Deadline date:23/03/2015

This deadline is for…Start of the award procedures

Contract value: £12,000,000 – £14,000,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out:England

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers?Yes

Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations?Yes

Name of the buying organisation:Department for Education, National College for Teaching and Leadership

Description of the contract

Please see ‘Supporting Documents’ for a Word version of the advert. This three-year funded leadership development programme is designed to raise levels of pupil achievement in England’s challenging schools. It will be targeted at attracting and developing aspiring and current high potential senior leaders from all types of schools who have the talent and commitment to become headteachers of challenging schools within an accelerated timeframe. A school is deemed as challenging based on the proportion of pupils receiving Free School Meals and the levels of attainment for these pupils. The existing contract for delivery of the current programme will expire on 31 August 2016. The planned contract is for a single national provider (or consortium) to: • complete the training of an estimated 255 participants who will be part way through the current programme; • recruit and train circa 285 further leaders across two new academic year cohorts Recruitment for new cohorts will commence in September 2015 and the training activity will begin in September 2016. The planned contract will require the provider to work with and involve a range of school partners in delivery of the programme. Bids and consortium bids will be particularly welcomed from SMEs, academy chains, teaching schools, independent schools, and other organisations that will involve schools at the heart of the delivery of the programme. The provider will be responsible for all aspects for the development and delivery of the programme. Information about the components of the programme will be included in the invitation to tender. The types of activities that the provider will be responsible for are: • Marketing to attract participants and schools • Assessment and selection of applicants • Designing a programme which is likely to include employment based training • The full delivery of the three-year funded training programme • Attracting external funding from private benefactors and/or school ‘customers’ • Tracking and monitoring the progress of participants • Support for participants to secure head teacher posts in challenging schools by the end of the 3 years. • Quality assurance, programme management and administration

Classification of the contract

80000000Education and training services

Additional information

Who to contact

Contact namecommercial.admin@education.gsi.gov.uk

Organisation nameNational College for Teaching and Leadership

AddressTriumph Road, Nottingham, NG8 1DH


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How to apply

This tender will be advertised in mid-March and the tender will be run through NCTLs Redimo, NCTLs e-procurement system. To register in Redimo go to: https://redimo.nationalcollege.org.uk/selfservice/pages/public/supplier/registration/supplierRegistration.cmd A web conference will be held on 25 March 2015 at 13.00 GMT to provide further information and answer questions from potential suppliers about the procurement process and the requirement. To register for this go to: https://nationalcollege.webex.com/nationalcollege/j.php?RGID=rdd505aae1072c03faf00a93fc62c831f