HM Land Registry Will Continue to Operate Through the Coronavirus Outbreak

HM Land Registry Will Continue to Operate Through the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Customer Support Centre will not be answering telephone calls, but services will be running as normal though at a slightly slower rate.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): impact on our services

We are currently reviewing how we continue to deliver our services during the coronavirus pandemic and further details will be provided shortly.

We will continue to operate as close to normal as possible in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to apologise to anyone who might be affected by a slower-than-usual service.

Impact on our services

Our Business e-services, which receive the majority of all applications, are running as normal. We are prioritising the services that allow property transactions to continue as normal.

We anticipate minimal disruption to:

  • bankruptcy searches
  • land charges searches
  • local land charges searches
  • MapSearch
  • official copies of documents
  • official searches of the index map
  • official searches of part
  • official searches of whole
  • Property Alert

We anticipate that some of our services will be affected by the current situation with some applications taking slightly longer than our usual service standards.

We anticipate moderate disruption to discharge updates.

We are working hard to ensure our most important services continue, as a result services which have less impact upon the normal operation of the property market are likely to experience more significant disruption. We anticipate that we will be unable to meet normal service standards for these services.

We anticipate more significant disruption to:

  • register create applications
  • register update applications

Expedite an application

We apologise if your application is affected by this necessary prioritisation of work. If you feel that your application is urgent, you can ask us to expedite it under certain circumstances. If we approve your request, we will process your application sooner. Find out how you can expedite your application.

Contacting HM Land Registry

Telephone service

Our Customer Support Centre will not be answering telephone calls. However, we are working hard to get that back up and running as quickly as possible. You can email essential enquiries to: Please be aware you may not receive an immediate response.

Office access and face-to-face appointments

Following the Prime Minister’s guidance, we are not making any new face-to-face appointments for our local offices and existing appointments have been cancelled. You can continue to?get in touch with us or use a guide that may answer your question. We will respond as quickly as we can.

Keeping you up to date

We will continue to review our services in the light of COVID-19. This page will be kept up to date should any of our services be impacted. You can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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