Home Office Safer Streets Grant Funding 2021-2022

Home Office Safer Streets Grant Funding 2021-2022

The Secretary of State for the Home Department, acting through the Neighbourhood Crime Unit, intends to make an amount up to £20,000,000 of grant funding available. 3 competitions.

Safer Streets Grant Funding – 2021-22

Contract summary



  • Provision of services to the community – 75200000
  • Civic betterment and community facility support services – 98133100
  • Miscellaneous services – 98300000

Location of contract

England, Wales

Value of contract

£10,000 to £432,000

Procurement reference

SSF – round 2

Published date

29 January 2021

Closing date

25 March 2021

Closing time


Contract start date

1 April 2021

Contract end date

31 March 2022

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Procedure type

Other: Grant Funding

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The Secretary of State for the Home Department (the “Authority”), acting through the Neighbourhood Crime Unit, intends to make an amount up to £20,000,000 of grant funding (“Funding”) available. Approximately £1.75M of the funding will be reserved for support to successful areas, central evaluation and other activity to support delivery of the fund, with the remaining £18.25M available to Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) within England and Wales, who may in turn delegate to a Local Authority within their area to lead and submit a bid. This funding will be granted during 2021-22 financial year and all allocations must be spent by 31 March 2022. The Funding is to be awarded through a fair, open and transparent competition by means of a Call for Proposals and will support PCCs to invest in well evidenced interventions, with the aim of reducing acquisitive crime in areas that are persistently and disproportionately impacted (the “Project”).


PCCs are asked to work with partners, to design and deliver local crime prevention plans with the outcome of reducing acquisitive crimes through situational prevention. The objectives of the fund are to:
• Reduce acquisitive crime in areas that receive funding – making residents safer and removing demand from the system to enable police to focus on more complex crimes.
• Continue to build evidence about the impact of targeted investment in situational prevention in high crime areas to strengthen the case for future investment, both at a local and national level.
• Grow local capability to undertake data driven problem solving and capture evidence and practical learning about how best to implement situational interventions to prevent crime.

PCCs or delegated Local Authorities can submit up to three prioritised applications, one in each of the primary/secondary/tertiary competitions, each for a defined local area within your force area that is disproportionately affected by acquisitive crime, with up to £432,000 grant funding being available per bid. Further information on the scheme is available via the online portal, with details of how to register and then linked to the event outlined below.

Bidders should note there are 3 separate competitions and you will be linked to all 3 competitions. It is important that Bidders treat each bid separately and respond to every question (acknowledging it is likely Bidders will be repeating the same response/confirmation/declaration in each of the 3 competitions.)

The deadline for all 3 bids is 13:00 on Thursday 25 March 2021


More information


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This competition is an online process. This competition will be managed electronically via the Home Office eSourcing Portal (Jaggaer). Bidders are urged to register as a SUPPLIER as soon as possible to avoid delays in establishing your Supplier status. Once you have an account you must email SaferStreets@homeoffice.gov.uk but follow the details below to gain this registration.

Below is a guide on how to register then gain access to the competition;

1. Interested organisations must first be registered as a ‘Supplier’ on the Home Office eSourcing Suite to participate and although these are separate competitions (for Primary/Secondary/Tertiary bids), PCCs (or LA’s) need only register once.
Please use the following link https://homeoffice.app.jaggaer.com/web/login.html

2. Instructions on how Suppliers can use the portal can be found in the attachment section of this advert.

3. To register, your PCC (or LA) must have a valid DUNS number (as provided by Dun and Bradstreet [D&B]) for the organisation which you are registering on behalf of. The PCC (or LA) will be entering into a contract if invited to do so.

4. If you do not have a DUNS number, please contact D&B UK directly on 0870 243 2344 (option 3), or online at http://www.dnb.co.uk/duns-form.asp.

5. Once registered on the portal, please email the Authority mailbox SaferStreets@homeoffice.gov.uk and ask to be added to the event stating, “SSF – portal access” in the subject title.

6. Please ensure the email address used to register on the Home Office eSourcing Suite is identified to the Authority when you email to “SaferStreets@homeoffice.gov.uk” inbox because it is this email that the Portal will identify as the registered account. It is this individual who will be provided with access to the event.

7. Once you are added to the portal, the “SaferStreets@homeoffice.gov.uk” mailbox will acknowledge your inclusion to the event and Bidders must then accept this invitation via the Home Office e-Sourcing system. You will then be able to view the suite of documents and online application for this grant funding.
*From this point all further communications including the submission of your online bid will be managed via the portal.

8. If you have any IT technical difficulties concerning the Home Office eSourcing portal, neither the Home Office Commercial Grants Team nor those managing the “SaferStreets@homeoffice.gov.uk” mailbox will be able to offer any assistance. Please contact the Supplier eSourcing Helpdesk as shown on the opening page of https://homeoffice.app.jaggaer.com/web/login.html

9. It is imperative you test your portal connection and become familiar with how to submit your bid well in advance of the deadline date. It is conceivable that because the portal operates on the web, internet traffic may affect performance of the portal.


How to apply


Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.


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