Housing Lifts Refurbishment London

Housing Lifts Refurbishment London

Refurbishment of 14 lifts on 3 housing estates maintained by the City of London Corporation.

City of London Corporation
Housing Lifts Refurbishment
Refurbishment of 14 lifts on 3 housing estates maintained by the City of London Corporation.

The lifts are all over 25 years old.

The basic outline for refurbishment:

Refurbishment with microprocessor control, variable frequency drive, heavy duty door operator, lift car and landing doors with ancillary equipment, plus features to comply with current standards wherever practicable. Retaining existing car sizes and entrance widths unless otherwise stated. The project is intended to refurbish the lifts, however, in all cases; a replacement lift car incorporating the requirements of modern standards will be required.

The works will be completed to comply with all modern standards, including EN 81-80, 2003 ‘Rules for the Improvement of Safety of Existing Passenger and Goods Passenger Lifts’.

The works will need to comply with British Standards therefor the recommended schemes should incorporate:-

1. Increasing the car sizes to accommodate certain users i.e. persons in wheel chairs, parents with buggies or prams etc.

2. Providing energy efficient drives and cost saving systems.

3. Improvement to car levelling.

4. Provision of monitoring and information systems for users and maintainers.

5. Reduction in maintenance activity through the use of low maintenance components.

The City will not accept any closed protocols, intellectual property or specialist service tools required for this requirement.

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