Human Resources Consultancy Contract

Human Resources Consultancy Contract

Quotation for a 3 stage evaluation of the Advice and Support Carmarthenshire Co-ordinator post.

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Quotation for a 3 stage evaluation of the Advice and Support Carmarthenshire Coordinator post
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SECTION I: Details of the Request for Quote
Description of the RFQ

Carmarthenshire County Council is inviting quotes for a 3 stage Evaluation of the Advice and Support Carmarthenshire Co-ordinator post which is administered by the Welsh Government and is a European Social fund project. Start date 1st August 2011 up to a potential final date of December 2014 (dependant on the mid term evaluation)

This contract will be for a three stage evaluation starting in February with stages 2 & 3 due in 2014/15 however this is dependant on the findings of the Stage 1 evaluation and the continued support of the Welsh Government.

This project is funded through ESF as a Local Service Board project and provides a dedicated co-ordinator to support a network of agencies from across all sectors. The aim is to facilitate and enable partnership working between the various agencies that provide advice and support services with an emphasis on poverty and social inclusion. The project aims to ensure the best use of the resources available within the County, creating a more joined up approach and ultimately greater capacity to support as many citizens as possible through focussed delivery. The co-ordinator does not provide the advice and support directly but facilitates and works with organisations that are already active in this area in order to better target provision in areas of identified need. The co-ordinator also supports organisations to work collaboratively to strengthen any funding bids for financial support.

Please note that the total project delivery costs are in the region of £173,000 and therefore quotes for the stage1, stage 2, and stage 3 evaluations need to be proportionate to the project value.

Interested organisations should contact the address below for a complete information pack.

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SECTION II: Contact Information
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Carmarthenshire County Council
Contact Name
Lyn E Bright
Advice & Support Carmarthenshire Co-ordinator, Chief Executives Department, County Hall, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire
SA31 1JP
Web Address
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