ICT Managed Services Market Research

ICT Managed Services Market Research

The Highland Council is seeking to carry out market research with regard to future provision of ICT Managed Services for the Service Desk provision.

ICT Service Desk



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The Highland Council

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ICT Service Desk


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The Highland Council is seeking to carry out market research with regard to future provision of ICT Managed Services for the Service Desk provision. The current service provision for both elements will expire in September 2016 and as part of our fact finding process and in determining the shape of services needed, we are inviting suppliers to participate in this “Request for Information” process by responding to the series of questions below.

Interested suppliers shall submit their written response to the questions below by Monday 5th January at 5pm to procurement@ictreprovision.co.uk

Once these have been received by The Highland Council some suppliers may be invited by The Highland Council for a further meeting to discuss their written responses. Such invitations would be issued by mid-January 2015 and it is anticipated the meetings will take place in late January or February 2015.

This process will assist The Highland Council in determining our requirements for the future, provide us an overview of the current market and potential future developments, whilst developing a best value strategy for any future competitive tender.

There are two options being considered by the Council for the future delivery of Service Desk. The current intention is that the majority of the Service Management functions will be brought in-house. It is currently thought that the Service Desk will either be brought in-house or will be outsourced. The current supplier provides a dedicated ICT Service Desk situated in the Highlands.

Relevant information about The Highland Council ICT profile has been included in the additional information section below.

ICT Services

1. Delivery of a Service Desk

1.1 Range of options for provision of an outsourced ITIL aligned ICT Service Desk to the Council including a multi-client service desk, dedicated service desk, log and refer desk, virtual service desk. Give details of the options your organisation could provide.

1.2 What are the advantages and disadvantages in relation to each of the above options that the Council should consider?

1.3 What, if any, are the infrastructure implications for the Council in each of the above considered options?

1.4 Provide examples of how you would run a service desk in a multi supplier environment.

1.5 How do you perceive the extent of your responsibilities in managing incidents, problems, third party suppliers, SLAs and OLAs through a service desk?

2. Delivery of a Service Desk Toolset

2.1 If the Council opts to deliver an in-house Service Desk does your organisation sell a stand-alone service desk toolset? If so please describe the functionality of such toolsets including their ability to integrate with other toolsets for the purpose of problem management and other service management functions.

2.2 What are the bolt-on options for the utilisation of a service desk/ service management toolset, for example in relation to problem management, capacity management, licence management etc.?

2.3 What training is required for users of the service desk toolset? How can the training be delivered and how many days will be required?

2.4 Does the toolset hold asset management data? If so what types of data?

2.5 Would it be necessary or advisable to migrate data from the existing asset management system that the Council has access to, and if so what data and how?

2.6 What reporting functions are available as part of the toolset and how would they be delivered to the Council?

2.7 Is there any restriction on the number of users the toolset can handle either at one time or in total?

2.8 How does the toolset assist your responsibilities in managing incidents, problems, third party suppliers, SLAs and OLAs?

3. Other options

3.1 If the Council’s requirements are more suited to an outsourced Service Desk utilising a toolset that your organisation supplied as part of the Service Desk, would there be an option in the future for the Council to purchase that toolset with a view to delivering the Service Desk in-house? If so, what would be the process for effecting that change?

3.2 Do you have any other options that the Council could consider for provision of a Service Desk that have not already been covered? If so, please describe them.

Your response should discuss costs only in terms of general affordability.

It must be emphasised that this market research does not form part of any competitive tendering process, nor will participation give any advantage in any subsequent tendering process. On the conclusion of this research process, your organisation would competitively tender, if it so wished, for any contract which The Council might advertise and should note that The Council may choose to utilise a pre-existing Framework Agreement.

NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Public Contracts Scotland Web Site at http://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/Search/Search_Switch.aspx?ID=329564.


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