Igniting Ambition Street Exhibition

Quotations are invited for the provision of services to deliver a high quality open air exhibition / street gallery of images taken from the 2011 Igniting Ambition Festival held in Northamptonshire and forthcoming 2012 events in the county.

Key tasks will include:

1. Visit site and liaise with the project lead and representatives from Northampton Borough Council to create and deliver design specification and installation schedule;

2. Design and printing of images and associated text / captions. Images and exhibition frames should be c. 2sqm and highly visible to the passing public;

3. Provide appropriate equipment for the delivery of an outdoor open air exhibition / street gallery that can endure extreme temperatures, UV rays and high winds for a maximum period of eight weeks;

4. The exhibition system used must be capable of operating on unstable surfaces and have anti-graffiti protection;

5. Deliver and install equipment ready for open air exhibition and removal after the event is complete. Ability for a quick removal also essential in the case of an emergency;

6. Provide all necessary additional infrastructure for the exhibition to include install crew, overhead cabling, lighting, weatherproofing, weighting, security, insurance, technical support / operation etc;

7. Storage of all final design and caption artwork for future reproduction.

Applicants are required to complete the attached RFQ.http://www.sourcederbyshire.co.uk/contracts/show/id/6316