Interpretation and Design Kilmartin House Museum

Interpretation and Design Kilmartin House Museum

Community Interpretive Project Kilmartin House Museum.



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Kilmartin House Museum



PA31 8RQ


Ailsa Raeburn

+44 1546510278

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Kilmartin House Museum



PA31 8RQ


Ailsa Raeburn

+44 1546510278

+44 1546510330


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Kilmartin House Museum



PA31 8RQ


Ailsa Raeburn

+44 1546510278

+44 1546510330

2 Contract Details



Community Interpretive Project – Kilmartin House Museum


Description of the goods or services required

This project aims to draw upon the ancient inspirational art form of rock art:

– to create new pieces of work which, together with an audio visual recording of the process of creation, will form an exhibition at the Museum on rock art in Argyll

– to help us understand better the original process of creation of rock art

– to engage local communities in understanding, appreciating and protecting their unique local heritage

– through the process of design and creating new pieces of work in stone or clay, involve local people in the development of the Interpretation and Exhibition Plan for the new KHT Museum planned to be developed over the next 2-4 years

– allow local people to be involved in determining the content of the new Museum galleries

– build skills within the local artist community in working with local schools and residents and ensure their involvement in the development of the new Interpretation and Exhibition Plans for the Museum redevelopment


We would expect the successful tenderer to provide the following as part of their commission:

1. A Teachers Information Pack on rock art in Argyll – to be used by teachers to explain to students the meanings of rock art, its importance locally and the concept behind the project. We expect this to be no less than 8 illustrated colour A4 pages, available in electronic or paper format and to a standard and quality commensurate with KHM’s standard educational material/ activity packs. 10 copies to be provided.

2. Attendance at, at least 12 workshops/ site visits and 4 days of weekend workshops, to record the process of design and creation for inclusion within the AV

3. Production of an AV presentation that is either compatible with KHM’s existing system or capable of use at minimal extra cost. The purpose of this AV presentation is to replace KHM’s existing AV presentation which currently forms an introduction to the Museum and Glen. It will need to be of a standard and quality and length (15 minutes) to better our existing AV presentation, be engaging and interesting to all of the Museum visitors and include a general introduction to the special nature of Kilmartin Museum, its surrounding landscape and the landscape’s many cultural and natural treasures. Assistance will be given by Museum staff in its development and access will be given to the Museum’s image and video library to facilitate the AV’s production. We would expect close working between the Museum staff and the tenderer in the production of the AV to ensure it meets the Museum’s objectives for the project and the Museum’s wider quality, visitor experience and accessibility standards. We would expect that a draft would be produced for feedback and comment prior to the final version being agreed and produced.

4. The design and installation of a temporary exhibition at the Museum, in a space to be agreed, incorporating the pieces created as part of the project, together with interpretive material to be provided by the tenderer and the AV presentation. Further details of the size and content of the exhibition will be agreed with the successful tenderer in due course.

5. Marketing and a launch for the new exhibition in Summer 2013.

6. An allowance for liaison with the creative artists (design and creation) and overall project management, including liaison with KHM staff and external bodies with an interest in the project.

The budget for this contract is £25,000

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159999 other Consultancy

120 … Highlands and Islands


Total quantity or scope of tender

The budget for this contract is £25,000

3 Conditions for Participation


Minimum standards and qualification required

Bidder must provide as part of their tender details of their experience in developing and delivering similar projects; their technical expertise in doing so and a 300 word (max) summary of what they foresee to be the principal opportunities and challenges of a project of this nature.

4 Administrative Information


Type of Procedure

Single stage – Any candidate may submit a tender.


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b) Time-limit for receipt of completed tenders
19-10-2012  Time  17:00

c) Estimated award date  11-01-2013


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Additional Information

Queries in connection with the tender should be sent by email or phone before the 18th October.

(SC Ref:241385)


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Kilmartin brief for Community Interpretation Project Contract A


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