Intranet Design and Build Contract

Intranet Design and Build Contract

Intranet design and build contract for The United Kingdom Sports Council.


The United Kingdom Sports Council

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  • Intranet network – 32412120
  • Networking, Internet and intranet software package – 48200000
  • Networking, Internet and intranet software development services – 72212200

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United Kingdom

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Published date

13 July 2021

Closing date

3 September 2021

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18 October 2021

Contract end date

17 October 2024

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Service contract

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Open (non-OJEU)

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UK Sport’s current intranet does not work as a communications or staff engagement tool. It does not follow user-centric design principles, meaning it is far from user friendly, and is not a tool that easily connects people, either to the business or each other. All these factors have led to low engagement and participation rates.

UK Sport’s Internal Comms vision is to have integrated, best-in-class internal communications and employee engagement to connect, inform and inspire our people. This includes having essential tools and platforms in place, of high quality which are widely used. We cannot achieve our vision with the current intranet.

It has never been more important to have a fully functioning and user-centric intranet. Whilst we are all working remotely, and going forward as we move to more flexible ways of working, it is important to have a central place online that staff can visit which services their needs and keeps them connected to the organisation and each other. During remote working, the intranet is essentially an extension of the office, so it is important to get it right.

UK Sport also wants its intranet to reflect the organisation’s new strategy, launched in May 2021. UK Sport will “Create the greatest decade of extraordinary sporting moments; reaching, inspiring and uniting more people every day” and one of our ambitions is to create “A prouder, happier and more connected society, brought together through a decade of inspirational sporting moments”. To enable our staff to help deliver this, we need them to be able to work at their best; we need to be able to reach, inspire and unite them, and create a proud and connected workforce. We can help achieve this through a best-in-class intranet.

The key objectives of the project are to replace the existing intranet with one which:

• Effectively supports and connects the organisation and its priorities with our people
• Proactively builds community and connectivity, promoting organisational culture, reflecting “one UK Sport”
• Inspires and engages staff, celebrates success and demonstrates impact
• Allows our people to feel valued, supported and inspired
• Helps staff do their jobs efficiently and effectively
Important to consider
Because we are developing the intranet as a brand new platform and not simply transferring data and pages across from an old site, time and consideration will need to be given to building an effective and extremely user-centric offering, including a site map. We want to work with the chosen supplier on content definition and site construction, so it is important the supplier can support this stage of the process in a clear way.


We have a budget of £16,000 for the professional services stage of the intranet project (e.g. project management, strategic consultancy, design and user experience, training, build/creation, support for successful planning, launch and adoption) and £14,000 per year for annual licensing costs/ongoing maintenance.


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