IT Strategy Programme Invitation to Tender

IT Strategy Programme Invitation to Tender

1. Back Office requires a solution covering: a) Course delivery management b) Instructor register management c) Membership and Renewal management.
Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA)

Contract summary


Computer and Related Services, Other Services, Technology and Equipment

Location of contract


Value of contract (£)

£100,000 – £150,000

Published date

06 May 2016

Closing date

17 June 2016

Contract start date

25 July 2016

Contract end date

30 December 2016


MHFA England is looking to develop a long-term collaborative relationship with a supplier that will lead to the development, supply and commercial licensing of an integrated solution that will enable the managing of MHFA England’s day to day business in an efficient and effective manner whilst providing online facilities, enabling Instructors, client organisation and delegates to take advantage of new technology when engaging with MHFA England courses and to do so more easily, quickly and efficiently than the existing cumbersome solution. Thus facilitating a key MHFA England objective of developing the high standing and reputation of MHFA England and their instructors within Mental Health. 1. Back Office requires a solution covering: a) Course delivery management b) Instructor register management c) Membership & Renewal management d) CPD management e) Organisation management f) Delegate (contact) management g) Resource & Materials management h) Conference, Event & Awards management i) Committee & Group management j) Marketing & Correspondence management k) Financial management l) Integration with Front Office (Website) m) Integration with 3rd party suppliers n) Integration with MS Office 365 2. Front Office requires a a new website to include: a) MHFA home (who we are) page b) Product portfolio page c) Media centre page d) Online resource centre, shop and payments page e) Conferences, Events & Awards page f) Public facing page g) Instructor specific page h) Workplace Organisation specific page i) Data integration with MHFA England Back Office solution 3. Cloud Hosted solution to host: a) Back Office application b) Website application c) Finance QuickBooks d) Integrated with Office 365 Providing: a) Highly scalable & flexible solution b) Guaranteed User response time c) Fast reliable 24/7 remote access anytime from anywhere in the world d) High level of security and 24/7 cyber attack e) High resilience & reliability, 24/7 up time f) Fundamental business continuity plan component

About the buyer

Contact name

David Hudson


49-51 East Road


N1 6AH



+44 7860890998



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