Kitchen Replacement Contract

Kitchen Replacement Contract

Parkhead H.A. Kitchen Renewals and Associated Works 2012/2013. CONTRACT NOTICE – NATIONAL


1 Authority Details


Authority Name and Address

Parkhead Housing Association

40 Helenvale Street, Parkhead,


G31 4TF


Mr Myles Millar

+44 1415515145


Address from which documentation may be obtained

Ewing Somerville Partnership Ltd.

40 Speirs Wharf,


G4 9TH


Mr Grant Thomson

+44 1413533531

+44 1413531155


Completed documents must be returned to:

Ewing Somerville Partnership Ltd.

40 Speirs Wharf,


G4 9TH


Mr Grant Thomson

+44 1413533531

+44 1413531155

2 Contract Details



Parkhead H.A. Kitchen Renewals & Associated Works 2012/2013


Description of the goods or services required

The work comprises the replacement of the existing kitchens with new kitchen units and all associated tiling, electrical, joinery, plumbing, painter and builderswork, etc. necessary to provide fully functioning kitchen. Upon successful completion of the Contract the Client may, at their discretion, enter into a future Framework Agreement with the Contractor for similar works to 31st March 2013. Thereafter, the Client reserves the right to negotiate subsequent yearly extensions to any such Framework Agreement up to a maximum period of three further years i.e. to 31st March 2016. By submission of a tender for this contract, it is agreed and understood by the Contractor that any such future Framework Agreement will be entered into entirely at the discretion of Parkhead Housing Association and no guarantees are provided as to the extent of any such work that may be instructed under any such Agreement. Provision has been made in this tender document for Contractors to state the percentage adjustments that will apply to tendered contract rates for any potential Framework Agreements, on an annual basis, from 1st April 2013. Assuming a Framework Agreement is entered into following completion of the contract to the period 31st March 2013, then the tendered rates will apply without adjustment to any works instructed in that period.


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Notice Coding and Classification

101900 Kitchens
391011 Buildings – Maintenance

150 … Glasgow & Strathclyde


Total quantity or scope of tender

The approximate budget cost of the works is in the region of GBP 320,000.00 (inc. VAT) and it is anticipated that the Contract will be let in July 2012, with planned commencement of works being July 2012 and completion being 12 weeks thereafter.

The scope of any potential future Framework Agreement/s is unknown at this stage.

3 Conditions for Participation


Minimum standards and qualification required

The Contract will include the following requirements: –

It is an essential requirement of the Contract that the Contractor must be capable of completing all works to the 85nr properties within the 12-week period.

The successful Contractor will require to co-ordinate regular liaison between senior management and site supervision to monitor and refine site practice and quality control. The Contractor’s senior management and site supervision will be required to attend monthly contract progress meetings and liaise as required will all local development co-ordinators on site to ensure disruption to tenants is kept to an absolute minimum.

The Contractor will be required maintain, and provide to the Client, detailed records covering all notification given to tenants advising of when works will be carried out. This information is to include the timescales allowed in respect of such notification to tenants, plus details of any access issues that may arise.


Contractors wishing to apply for this contract must be able to provide evidence of experience in successfully working on at least three other contracts in the last three years of a similar nature to the one described within this notice and corresponding tender document, in particular, with experience and a track record of having dealt with all aspects of similar contracts within tenemental properties with core works (i.e. installation of kitchen units, etc.) being entirely self-delivered.

The Contracts put forward as evidence for this must have incorporated complete kitchen installation works and have included the upgrading of associated kitchen electrics, including rewiring works back to the main distribution board within each property. Details are to be submitted by Contractors on the pro forma included in Appendix 5 of the tender document.

The Association must be able to obtain references from the respective Employers attesting to this. Details of referees shall be included in Appendix 6 of the tender document. NOTE: – IF YOUR ORGANISATION HAS CARRIED OUT SIMILAR WORKS PREVIOUSLY FOR PARKHEAD HOUSING ASSOCIATION THEN PARKHEAD MUST BE LISTED AS A REFEREE.

The Association reserves the right to exclude any organisation receiving an unsatisfactory reference from the tender process.

While no minimum turnover is stated for organisations wishing to submit a tender in respect of this project, it is an essential requirement that tendering organisations must be of a suitable size and have the necessary capacity to successfully complete 85nr kitchen installations and associated electrical upgrades within a 12-week period. Failure to demonstrate suitability for this contract by means of providing relevant previous experience details will result in exclusion from the tender process.


Contractors will be also be required to complete the financial information pro forma included in Appendix 7 of the tender document.

4 Administrative Information


Type of Procedure

Single stage – Any candidate may submit a tender.


Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority

ESP: 3133


Time Limits

05-07-2012  Time  12:00

b) Time-limit for obtaining documentation

c) Estimated award date  19-07-2012


Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up



Tender Submission Postbox

5 Other Information


Additional Information



The selection of the winning Contractor will be based on a ration of 70% price and 30% quality as follows: –

Stage 1.1: Tender Prices evaluated.

Stage 1.2: Quality Method Statements submitted with Tender Price assessed.

Stage 1.3: Unsuccessful companies informed and debriefed.

Stage 1.4: Appointment of Contractor.

The appointment process will involve senior staff representatives of Parkhead Housing Association. At the discretion of the Association guidance may be sought from Ewing Somerville Partnership Ltd., who are independent consultants.


Tenderers will be required to submit a Dun & Bradstreet reference number (or equivalent) along with their tender submission.

(SC Ref:230855)


Additional Documentation

Tender Document
Measured Section
Summary Page
final kitchen layout drawings


Publication date of this notice