Lake District pay as you drive car hire

Lake District pay as you drive car hire

An operator for the pay-as-you-drive car hire network in the Lake District.

Lake District National Park
An operator for the pay-as-you-drive car hire network in the Lake District
The Lake District Sustainable Visitor Travel Beacon Area programme is a £6.9million initiative being delivered in partnership by Cumbria County Council, the Lake District National Park Authority and Cumbria Tourism. Between 2011 and 2015 it aims to generate a step-change in how visitors travel to and around the central and southern Lake District, enabling them to make greater use of sustainable modes. This will reduce the impact of their travel on the local environment and community, while also making visitors’ trips to the area more enjoyable and relaxing.
The Beacon Area programme is a Department for Transport ‘Local Sustainable Transport Fund’ project, that has been awarded £4.9 million from this fund. An additional £2 million of match and in-kind funding is being contributed by the delivery partners and other public, private and voluntary sector organisations in the region. The Local Sustainable Transport Fund bid document, which outlines the full programme, can be found at:
The car hire network is one of the nine projects that make up the Beacon Area Programme. It is split into two main components:

    • The development of a visitor-facing pay-as-you-drive car hire network, with vehicles located at visitor accommodation and other transport interchanges
    • The development of a EV recharge infrastructure for the beacon area. Note that this is not the subject of this PQQ.

The presence of pay-as-you-drive vehicles in the Lake District not only provides an innovative initiative to help draw visitors, but also provides a new tool for managing car use in the Park; providing this facility means that our “ask” for visitors not to bring their own cars with them can be made much more confidently.

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