Landscape Maintenance Contract Provanhall

Landscape Maintenance Contract Provanhall

Provanhall HA: Environmental Maintenance Services 2012-14.



1 Authority Details


Authority Name and Address

Provanhall HA

34 Conisborough Road,


G34 9QG


Sean Douglas

+44 1417714941


Address from which documentation may be obtained

As in 1.1


Completed documents must be returned to:

As in 1.1

2 Contract Details



Provanhall HA: Environmental Maintenance Services 2012-14


Description of the goods or services required

Provanhall Housing Association is inviting quality/ price tenders from suitably qualified and experienced landscaping contractors to be considered for the provision of a comprehensive local environmental maintenance service to approximately 508 houses and flats. The specification will include: delitter common areas; ground maintenance to individual gardens, back courts and common areas; wheelie bin collection management; and bulk removal (tenement properties).

The contract is to be let for 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2014 with options, subject to quarterly review and satisfactory performance against published key performance indicators, to extend the contract at the Employer’s discretion to 31st March 2015.


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Notice Coding and Classification

182212 Waste Management – Waste Collection
241200 Services

150 … Glasgow & Strathclyde


Total quantity or scope of tender

A comprehensive local environmental maintenance service to gardens, common and open areas in/ around approximately 508 houses and flats for the period 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2014.

3 Conditions for Participation


Minimum standards and qualification required

Candidate contractors will be expected to have: the ability; experience in terms of local Housing Association/ Co-operative contracts of a similar size and nature; an appropriately skilled and qualified workforce; adequate resources; the ability to respond quickly and flexibly; the capability to promote local employment; the appropriate technical knowledge; service continuity/ local presence; and the appropriate organisational and financial standing to be considered for carrying out the services, including promotion of local employment and community development; and effective KPI performance, reporting and monitoring.

Contractors must have the ability to provide evidence of experience of completion of a minimum of three similar contracts in the past three years and Provanhall Housing Association must be permitted to obtain references from the respective Employer(s).

Contractors will also be expected to meet the criteria and provide the information outlined on the attached tender, which is to be downloaded from this site and completed for return in hard copy (QQ and priced submissions to be returned packaged separately) to Provanhall Housing Association on/ by Tuesday 14th February 2012 at 12noon.

4 Administrative Information


Type of Procedure

Single stage – Any candidate may submit a tender.


Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority



Time Limits

14-02-2012  Time  12:00

b) Time-limit for obtaining documentation

c) Estimated award date  09-03-2012


Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up



Tender Submission Postbox

5 Other Information


Additional Information

Contractors will be required to complete the quality and price tender documents, the purpose being to identify a suitably qualified and experienced candidate to become the preferred candidate contractor.

Contractors must submit the tender (completed quality questionnaire and specification of works to be returned packaged separately), which are to be downloaded from this site and completed for return in hard copy to Provanhall Housing Association on/ by Tuesday 14th February 2012 at 12noon. Do not submit by e-mail.

Evaluation of the tender will be as follows:

Quality Questionnaires will be scored in accordance with the marks stated at the head of each QQ section (total 100 marks). Contractors who either fail to pass the individual thresholds questions or fail to achieve an overall score of 60% will not have their priced tender opened.

Candidates with percentage scores of or above 60% will have their quality/ price scores evaluated. The criteria for price scoring will be to reach a percentage score by deducting 1% from 100 for every percentage point each tender is in excess of the lowest tender, prior to weighting. The QQ quality scores (total 100 marks) will be converted to a percentage, prior to weighting, and the tender result will evaluated on a 40% tender price/ 60% quality basis to determine the preferred candidate contractor.

(SC Ref:218720)


Additional Documentation

5964-Specification of Works-1of2-20jan12
5964-Specification of Works-2of2-20jan12