Landscaping Works Sandwell

Landscaping Works Sandwell

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council.

Sandwell MBC’s P2P are seeking suitable companies to complete the works as follows :-

footpath repair.

divert water away from path using edging and ditch.

litter bins.

install 4 no bins by fishing pegs, one by disabled peg, one by peg at foot of steps and two by other pegs.

fishing signs.

install 3 no single post fishery signs (supplied) at entrance points to pool (stored at sandwell park farm)

rails on fishing platforms.

install side rails on five existing fishing platforms.

fishing platforms.

add surfacing to approaches to all fishing platforms.
install revetments at sides of platforms to counter erosion (metal sheet piling/revetments filled with hardcore)
price includes supply and fit of “gridforce park” tiles to help stabilise stone preventing slippage into pond.

prices given are subject to vat and based on all works being carried out at the same time.

all quotes please email to :-

or site contact
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Closing Date: 03/07/2012
Location: warrens hall farm, rowley regis.

Posted by: David Bragger – P2p Officer, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council