Leadership and Management Development 2013-15

Leadership and Management Development 2013-15

Clackmannanshire Council is seeking external partner(s) to develop and deliver a Leadership and Management Development Programme.


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Clackmannanshire Council

Strategy & Performance, Greenfield House, Mar Street,


FK10 2AD


Lorna Young

+44 1259450000


+44 1259452230


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Leadership and Management Development 2013-15


Description of the goods or services required

Clackmannanshire Council is seeking external partner(s) to develop and deliver a Leadership and Management Development Programme. Two Pathways have been identified as priorities, Pathway 1 is aimed at Service Managers and Pathway 2 at Team Leaders. It is intended to establish a list of preferred suppliers enabling us to select the most appropriate and suitably qualified providers to support us in designing and delivering each of the thematic areas within the Pathways.

We seek providers to cover the appropriate Key Themes within the Service Manager’s and Team Leader’s pathways.

Further detail is contained within the PQQ

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Total quantity or scope of tender

Making Clackmannanshire Better” is the Council’s Corporate Transformation Programme which aims to provide

Better Services

Better Opportunities

Better Communities

MCB contains Workstreams and Key Themes with both External and Internal Focus. Within the Making our Organisation Stronger Workstream is a key high-profile project to develop our managers and create effective and sustainable leadership.

This is essential to assist us in delivering our priorities, promoting a positive organisational culture, and supporting and valuing our people.

The programme will consist of three ‘pathways’, with the first phase covering Service Managers and Team Leaders initially, followed by a Growing Our Own talent development pathway in phase 2.

Within each pathway thematic areas have been identified based upon the Council’s policies and procedures, our Behavioural Competency Framework, areas identified by Team Leaders and Managers, review of best practice as well as discussions with colleagues within HR.

E-learning will form a key component in the delivery of the programme. The procurement of the Council’s own e-learning system is underway and will form a key deliverable in support of the programme.

This programme will also sit alongside corporate learning and development covering all employees, and ties in with other projects within MCB such as Employee Induction and the further development of the Core Competency Framework.


This programme will consist of three pathways as follows:

Service Manager’s Pathway

This pathway will equip Service Managers with the skills and behaviours they require to provide effective leadership of the organisation. Learning objectives will include

Setting clear strategic direction

Focussing on delivery and outcomes

Getting the best from our people

Developing culture of innovation and improvement

Achieving success through working in partnership

Team Leader’s Pathway

The aim is to develop management effectiveness for our core group of middle managers. Learning objectives will include

Delivering consistent and effective management across all services

Meeting governance and legislative requirements

Establishing minimum and consistent standards of people management

3 Conditions for Participation


Minimum standards and qualification required

Training providers should ensure that their trainers/facilitators hold one of the following:

Qualification in Adult Training/Management Learning/TAPS

Qualification in Management, OD or Executive Coaching

Psychometric qualifications

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Type of Procedure

Dual stage – Candidates must first pass a selection procedure before being invited to tender or negotiate.


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Time Limits

a) Time-limit for obtaining documentation

b) Deadline for requests to participate
15-10-2013  Time  12:00

c) Dispatch of invitations to tender 01-11-2013

d) Estimated award date 06-12-2013


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The awarding authority has indicated that it will accept electronic responses to this notice via the Tender Submission Postbox facility. Further details are available at http://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/PostBox/Postbox_Explain.aspx?ID=277792

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