Leadership and Management Development Tender – Essex

Leadership and Management Development Tender – Essex

8 Lots. Lot 1 – People Management (capable of constructively building, effectively managing and developing high performing teams).

Leadership and Management Development Framework

Essex County Council

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  • Education and training services – 80000000

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East of England

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15 March 2021

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15 April 2021

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1 July 2021

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30 June 2023

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Service contract

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Single tender action (non-OJEU)

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The purpose of this procurement is to ensure that there is a process to; Discover, scope, design, develop, facilitate and deliver a range of interventions to develop and enhance the skills and capabilities of the leadership & management population through the provision of a multi-supplier Framework.

The key outcome of this tender is to ensure that there is a process to design, develop and deliver a range of interventions to grow and enhance the core skills of the management population. As such, we are seeking organisations that can support us through the delivery of services as set out in the Lots below.

Lot 1 – People Management (capable of constructively building, effectively managing and developing high performing teams).

Lot 2 – Managing Resources (capable of productively and efficiently utilising resources to best advantage).

Lot 3 – Managing in the System (collaboratively working across boundaries of the Council, partner organisations & stakeholders in a positive & collective goal orientated way).

Lot 4 – Managing for Continuous Improvement (embed and implement a culture of constantly doing better).

Lot 5 – Managing yourself (assessing and improving leadership performance through self-awareness, feedback and critical thinking).

Lot 6 – Leading Self (being more aware of ourselves, our influence and the need to flex styles and approaches. Leadership at all levels, starts with people choosing to lead themselves)

Lot 7 – Leading Others & Other Managers (seeking out and integrating Multiple perspectives, building strong and productive relationships in order to get things done and the ability to bridge the gap between operational and strategic focus as the context requires)

Lot 8 – Leading the Function & the Organisation (setting the organisational purpose and alignment for implementation of the organisational strategy

The management population in scope of this tender includes junior, middle and senior managers; line managers, operational/service managers and strategic/heads of service respectively. Executive coaching for our Senior Leadership (heads of service/strategic managers) is out of scope. Technical and professional pathways are not within scope of this tender.

The potential volumes would be in the region of 240 strategic managers/heads of service and 2000 operational/service managers. These numbers are only indicative and those that require interventions will be confirmed when detailed work packages are released.

Your tender submission must be submitted to the Authority electronically by publishing through this ITT CO0076 Leadership and Management Framework at https://www.proactisplaza.com, using RFX REQ1000197, not later than 12:00 (noon) hours on 15th April 2021.It is the Authority’s policy to reject any tenders received after the above deadline.


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All communications should be directed through the tender messaging facility, https://www.proactisplaza.com


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Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.


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Andrew Beaver