Leadership Training Evaluation for sportscotland

Leadership Training Evaluation for sportscotland

sportscotland is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified contractor to carry out an evaluation of a leadership development training programme.


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The Scottish Sports Council trading as sportscotland

Strategic Planning, Research Team, Doges, Templeton on the Green, 62 Templeton Street,


G40 1DA


Louise Dobbie (Research Officer)

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Address from which documentation may be obtained

The Scottish Sports Council trading as sportscotland

Strategic Planning, Research Team, Doges, Templeton on the Green, 62 Templeton Street,


G40 1DA


Louise Dobbie (Research Officer)

+44 1415346566


+44 1415346501


Completed documents must be returned to:

The Scottish Sports Council trading as sportscotland

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Leadership Training Evaluation


Description of the goods or services required

Project Brief

sportscotland is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified contractor to carry out an evaluation of a leadership development training programme. The findings will be used to inform future improvement or modifications to the design and delivery of this training.

sportscotland has developed an evaluation plan for this work. We are inviting contractors to tender, to deliver this evaluation plan. Key milestones for this evaluation are:

March 2016: inception meeting and evaluation begins

August 2016: Interim evaluation report 1. (Required to inform internal decision making).

February 2017: Final evaluation report 2. (This will incorporate cohort 2 data).


Performance Through Leadership is sportscotland’s leadership development training programme for senior management. It is delivered over a 12-month period to support long-term change in performance and behaviour, by an external training provider.

The pilot phase of the programme is underway and will be delivered over a 17 month timeframe. It includes two cohorts:

Cohort 1: May 2015 – April 2016, 15 participants

Cohort 2: October 2015 – September 2016, 15 participants

The programme has been designed to support participants to develop and continuously improve critical leadership ‘behaviours’ across the 12 months. It involves the following interventions:

Individual 360 degree feedback assessment – A 360 degree feedback report will be completed at the beginning of a participant’s journey on the training and again on their completion of the training (i.e. at the 12 month point).

– The 360 degree feedback tool will be aligned to sportscotland’s behavioural competency framework

– The external facilitators will meet with each participant privately to help them understand the content of these reports

– An outcome of the first coaching session will be an individual Leadership Action plan, informed by reflection on the findings of the feedback assessment.

Coaching Support – Each participant will receive one to one coaching support across the 12 months of the training.

-The external facilitator (an experienced business coach) will provide this 1-1coaching support

-It will total 4 coaching meetings including a first session that is focused on the findings of the 3600 feedback assessment (see above).

-Leadership development workshops – Participants will attend leadership development workshops throughout the 12 month period, totalling approximately 6 days. The workshops will include an induction session, a “Strategic Leadership” workshop, a “Leading Change” workshop, a “Leading Culture” workshop and a “Leading People” workshop.

Action Learning Sets – All participants will contribute to action learning sets on ‘live’ business issues.

-Each set will consist of 4-6 training participants

-The external facilitator(s) will brief participants as to how to contribute successfully in their action learning sets

-The facilitator will facilitate the formation of, and monitor the activities of, each action learning set.

-The first and last meeting will be facilitated by the facilitator. The first meeting will establish expectations and provide guidance on how the group will self-manage. The last meeting will give the participants an opportunity to reflect and discuss what they gained from the set

-The facilitators will provide LDPAG with feedback on this element of the training.

-Developing personal coaching skills (optional element) Participants will have the opportunity to access a coaching skills development training which will include a series of coaching workshops and supervision support.

-This is a 4 day coaching course that includes workshops and live coaching

-This course has the additional opportunity that participants can gain a formal coaching qualification, however this will require the completion of a written assessment together with an additional 25 hours of practical coaching

Leadership seminars Participants will attend a series of (up to) 4 leadership seminars per cohort, presented by leaders from the public sector, industry, business, and the third sector as well as from sport. These speakers will have gained a reputation for outstanding leadership in their field, whether at local, Scotland, UK or international level.

-It is anticipated that these seminars will be made more widely accessible to other managers across sportscotland or its partner organisations, whether or not they are participating on Performance through Leadership.

The Project

Evaluation Model

sportscotland has adopted the Kirkpatrick “ROE” model for training evaluation. This is the model we use when planning and evaluating our training activities and it has provided the framework for the evaluation design.

We will require contractors to develop a range of evaluation tools, to monitor and evaluate four levels of training outcomes:

Level 1 Reaction: Participants’ and other stakeholders overall reaction to the training.

Level 2 Participants’: learning as a result of the training

Level 3 Participant’s: behaviour changes ‘on the job’

Level 4 Impact/results: on participant’s effectiveness and business impact

Evaluation Questions

We want this evaluation to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the training process and impact.

We require the evaluation to address the following questions:

Process questions which should help stakeholders see how the project outcome or impact was achieved. This will examine the extent to which the design and content of the training:

– encourages individual reflection on participants’ own leadership performance and behaviour.

– offers an environment where managers from across the business can work together on business related issues.

– enables learning to be gained from leaders from other sectors and industries.

– enables participants to test and adjust their personal leadership styles over a 12-month period.

– supports long-term change in performance and behaviour.

Impact questions which should help stakeholders assess the effectiveness of the project in producing change; what happened to project participants and how much of a difference the program made for them. Will ask:

– To what extent has the training contributed to the development and improvement of participants leadership behaviours?

– To what extent is more effective leadership ability contributing to the achievement of our Corporate Plan?

– How confident are our internal and external stakeholders, in our participants leadership capability?

Wider questions of strategic organisational concern which the evaluation can contribute:

– What are the critical leadership behaviours and qualities we require within sportscotland, and the wider sport sector, to achieve a world class sporting system at all levels?

– And, does our sportscotland competency framework adequately reflect and connect with these?

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Notice Coding and Classification

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Total quantity or scope of tender

To monitor and evaluate the Performance Through Leadership programme, we will be building a chain of evidence. This chain will follow the thread from our organisational vision to individual work plans and ‘on-the-job’ performances.

Our specific requirements are:

– Development and delivery of evaluation tools for the following fieldwork:

online participants evaluation survey

online participants’ managers survey

online direct reports’ survey

participant focus groups

stakeholder interviews (face-to-face or telephone)

content analysis and understanding participants’ engagement with key business tools including:


-Performance management system

– sportscotland business plans and corporate reports

– training providers reports

– advisory group meeting minutes

Analysis of training monitoring data

Analysis of post interventions evaluations e.g. post-workshop evaluation forms, which are already designed and in place.

Delivery of 2 reports:

– August 2016: Interim evaluation report 1. Timed to inform key decision making about the future of the programme.

– February 2017: Final evaluation report 2. (This will incorporate analysis of cohort 2 data).

Presentation of interim findings to advisory group (August 2016)

3 Conditions for Participation


Minimum standards and qualification required

Experience and approach

Given the tight timescales we would expect contractors to be able to start work on the project straight away and we will make staff available to respond to any requests in a timely manner.

We expect contractors to provide a named project manager for the evaluation who will be the main point of contact for sportscotland. We also expect an email update every two weeks on progress with the evaluation covering progress to date and any issues and challenges arising from the evaluation.

We are inviting contractors to demonstrate experience and track record in:

conducting evaluations using a range of research methods.

a high standard of report writing and use of plain English.

delivering highly practical and business-relevant recommendations.

excellent skills and a passion for communicating complex data, in a way that is highly accessible.

any specific experience and application of the Kirkpatrick model.

any specific experience in training evaluation.

any expertise or experience in leadership development.

4 Administrative Information


Type of Procedure

Single stage – Any candidate may submit a tender.


Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority



Time Limits

a) Time-limit for obtaining documentation 23-02-2016

b) Time-limit for receipt of completed tenders
23-02-2016  Time  12:00

c) Estimated award date 08-03-2016


Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up



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Please submit tenders electronically to the submissions post-box by 12noon, 23rd February 2016.

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