Leadership Training Programme Delivery London

Leadership Training Programme Delivery London

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Education, Other Services

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£13k – £15k

Published date

16 January 2017

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30 January 2017

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01 February 2017

Contract end date

30 September 2017



Healthy London Partnership through Haringey CCG have a requirement for a Health and Well-being Leadership training programme supported by in parallel with Communities of Practice and Pan-London Engagement events.
The aim of the Procurement is to facilitate improved health and wellbeing at work resulting in reducing sickness absence, increasing productivity and enhancing the well-being of the workforce. Other desired outcome expected from the procurement would be: increased executive support and leadership for workplace health; augmented frontline leadership, skills and support that positively influences culture and behaviour change in relation to for workplace wellbeing
Healthy London Partnership is seeking to commission leadership expertise and resources to deliver specific activities and contribute to the development of all aspects of the workplace health programme. The required support is needed over January to September 2017 and includes
• Leadership capacity and capability building expertise:
• Pan London systems leadership event:
• Facilitation and local capacity building
• Project management and reporting
As the work spans the breadth of the programme, a strong project management focus will be important to ensure the programme is able to meet milestones and objectives. Regular reporting to HLP and/or commissioned providers will be required, as well as preparation of materials for our governance processes and wider stakeholder groups.


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Darren Lewis


First Floor, Clifton House
75 – 77 Worship Street




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PRJ390 RFQ Healh and Wellbeing Training Programme Working Final.docx

If you are interested in quoting for this Request for Quotation (RfQ), please review the requirements within the ‘Request for Quotation’ document attached and confirm by a return email your intent to submit a ‘RfQ Response Document’ to the following email addresses: clinical.procurement@nelcsu.nhs.uk Bidders should submit completed ‘RfQ Response Document’ no later than 12noon on Monday 30th January 2017. If you have any queries about this letter or the requirement, please contact Darren Lewis at clinical.procurement@nelcsu.nhs.uk with your clarification questions no later than 5pm on Monday 20th January 2017.


How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided.


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