Learning and Development Interventions DPS

Learning and Development Interventions DPS

Trafford Council is prepared to receive applications to be included on a Dynamic Purchasing Systems relating to the provision of Learning and Development Interventions.

Opportunity Id
Learning and Development Interventions DPS for AGMA and it’s Associate Members
171010 – Adult & Further Education Services
261520 – Training
Trafford Council is prepared to receive applications to be included on a Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) relating to the provision of Learning and Development Interventions, which will be subject to the information, specification and application pack enclosed. This shall be a single DPS that all the Members shall have access to and may utilise in whole, or in part throughout its duration. The period of the DPS will be for 4 years from commencement. During this period, the DPS will remain open to new Suppliers. A DPS is, in effect, an open framework agreement to which new Suppliers can apply to be appointed to during its life. Individual Call-Off Contracts shall be entered into under the DPS in the manner described within this document, and may commence at any time after the commencement date. Neither the Council, nor any Member guarantees to call off any specific quantities/work during the term of the DPS, and placement on to the DPS is not a guarantee of being awarded any contracts. Please note: Suppliers not on the DPS will not be able to bid for learning and development interventions that become available and competed through the DPS. The scope of the DPS is to provide Staff, partners, citizens and customer training for the Members and other public sector bodies. The training requirements will cover all employees of the Members, including permanent, casual, temporary, agency, and also apprentices. It shall also cover requirements for schools and their governors etc. The Members are looking to appoint Suppliers who will work with them to deliver a highly customer focused, effective and efficient service whilst maximising the potential for knowledge, education and training. The Members will require a variety of training. The Members are seeking suitable Suppliers to: • provide excellent training and qualifications at the first point of contact; • provide a seamless service, maintaining the highest standard of professional integrity, Training, reliability, accuracy and value for money; • Aspire to the vision and values of AGMA; • Provide as many quality training schemes/days or courses as possible at the first point of contact and to act as advocates for staff; • Provide experience, knowledge and expertise to respond to enquiries covering a wide range of Services; • Provide bespoke and customised training which meets the objectives set out by AGMA; • Provide flexibility and capability to take on more services/enquiries as required; The DPS will consist of 5 Lots Lot 1 – ICT ICT Systems and Applications to cover the training of hardware and software applications either cross-cutting or specific to particular systems. May include, but not be limited to, generic learning and development interventions such as those around the Microsoft Office suite, or more bespoke interventions related to new and existing hardware, software and its associated functionality. Lot 2 – Health, Safety & Wellbeing To include any learning and development interventions relating to Health & Safety compliance. This will include, but not be limited to, statutory training interventions and refreshers, accredited courses, and also more bespoke courses around health and safety. Areas may include, but not be limited to, First Aid, Manual Handling, Infection Control, Fire Safety, Working at Heights, Food Hygiene &Safety, Risk Assessment, CoSHH, Stress Management, Asbestos Awareness, Personal Safety, Wellbeing. Lot 3 – Children, Adults, Health and Community Sector-specific technical and professional learning and development interventions applicable to roles and or legislative compliance within the Children. Adults, Health & Community arenas. Training may include, but not be limited to, courses as part of induction, accredited courses and refresher training to meet legislation, plus bespoke packages as required. Areas of delivery may include, but not be limited to, Safeguarding (Adults and Children), Court Skills, Report Writing, Epilepsy, Autism, Dementia, Mental Health Physical Intervention, and DoLS training. Lot 4 – Technical and Professional Technical and professional training applicable to specific roles, and/or legislative compliance, in all sectors outside of Children, Adults, Health and Community sector. This may include, but not be limited to, statutory learning and developments intervention and refreshers, accredited courses, and also more bespoke courses as required. In areas such as Highways, Environmental Services, Waste, Buildings Services. Finance, Legal, Project Management, Human Resources, Procurement, Commissioning and more Lot 5 – Generic People Development Learning and development interventions which enhance the productivity, effectiveness and skill-sets of staff, individuals, groups, managers and leaders. These courses may be accredited, within certain fields, or bespoke packages as required. The subject areas within this category may include, but are not limited to, Leadership and management development, coaching, soft skills training, personal development and change management Suppliers are invited to apply for one, more than one, or all Lots. As an example, Company A (a large provider) may want to apply for all 5 Lots. Company B (an SME with specialist knowledge) may only want to apply for 1 Lot.
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