Learning Content Management System – Request for Information

Learning Content Management System – Request for Information

The Environment Agency is currently reviewing the provision of the EA Learning Zone Solution and as part of developing our plans to meet this requirement we are issuing this Request for Information.

The Learning Zone: 2025

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  • Industry specific software package – 48100000
  • IT software package – 48517000

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United Kingdom

Procurement reference

LZ22025 (Register RFI Interest by 05/03/2021 – 17:00pm)

Published date

1 March 2021

Closing date

1 April 2021

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The Environment Agency is currently reviewing the provision of the EA Learning Zone Solution and as part of developing our plans to meet this requirement we are issuing this Request for Information (RFI). The current externally hosted Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is known internally as ‘Learning Zone’. This is a commercially available off the shelf system (COTS), which has been customised by the Environment Agency.

This RFI is the vehicle by which we will systematically identify similarities and differences between suppliers in the market, and additionally gain a greater understanding of specific suppliers’ abilities, core business and strategic outlook with respect to the Learning Zone 2025 future solution.
Please review the high-level strategic objectives in the additional text section below and the pre-requisite requirements attached to this RFI. If you believe that your solution matches this requirement then please indicate an interest in participating in this RFI by including your contact details and populating the pre-requisite requirements pdf sheet with a tick (Yes or No) and sending this to the Commercial Department at the following email address: tim.carter@defra.gov.uk. by the Friday 5th March 2021 17.00pm
The DEFRA Commercial department will carry out routine due-diligence checks to ensure all suppliers are legally compliant together with the persons of significant in control registered at Companies House. After successful application checks you will be selected for participation and sent the full RFI on the 11th March 2021 with a closing date for return of the 1st April 2021.

We thank you for your interest in participating in the RFI – The Learning Zone: 2025


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Additional text
Strategic Theme
Strategic Objective
Personalised and user centric experience
An accessible, intuitive and inclusive solution that adapts to a learner’s preferences, supports different learning styles, offers a range of resources and meets user needs (including learners, administrators and team leaders).
Learners are able to access content where, when and how it suits them.
A flexible level of access to permitted external users e.g. Defra staff, third-parties, etc.
Social and content curation
A solution that connects like-minded learners, builds learning communities and enables learners to share, maintain and develop understanding and skills.
Fosters a life-enhancing learning environment and confident staff with user generated learning.
Intelligent management information and reporting
A solution that helps manage organisational resilience and career development.
Intelligent and automated reporting producing management information on employee capability, skills, experiences, qualifications and professional membership.
Environment Agency culture and values
Supports a strategy of stimulating learning, coaching, mentoring and builds a culture of active independent learners which aids employee satisfaction, progression and retention.
Professionalisation and Performance
Supports our professionalisation ambition through capability descriptions, qualifications and career routes. Linking to professional bodies and Civil Service professions.
Links with performance management to build employee performance
Value for money and efficiencies
Solution capable of delivering a wide variety of training options including dedicated learning modules for business areas that can be self-administered. Effective planning and administration of national courses.

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Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.


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Tim Carter


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