Learning Disability Service Providers Approved List

Learning Disability Service Providers Approved List

RMBC is inviting organisations to apply to be included on an Approved List of support and care providers for adults (aged 18+ ) with learning disabilities.
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Learning Disability Service Providers Approved List
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RMBC is inviting organisations to apply to be included on an Approved List of support and care providers for adults (aged 18+ ) with learning disabilities.
It is anticipated that the list will be used:-

    • To allocate new business for LD services where RMBC is commissioning the work. (The Council will still reserve the right to tender work outside the list if needed)
    • To allocate business where people have chosen to have a Managed Budget
    • To arrange emergency placements
    • To deliver current business
    • To communicate a list of providers to clients choosing a Cash Budget, for them to use if they choose.

The Approved List of Providers will provide details of services that can be offered by providers with costs. This will be made available to service users, carers, commissioners and other interested parties when using personal budgets, deciding on placements and setting up care packages.
Once compiled, the Approved list held by RMBC will be regularly updated, making it comprehensive and current at all times. New applications to join the list will be possible every 6 months when the list opens periodically and the accreditation of any new submissions will take place.

The Approved List of Care and Support providers for Adults with Learning Disabilities will assist RMBC to meet the personalization agenda in offering a wider choice to our service users, having transparency of costs and meeting diverse needs. Applications are hence sought from Providers with ability and experience in providing care and support to adults with learning disabilities through a range of approaches.

We are seeking to include a range of providers who are interested in providing services to Adults with a Learning Disability and these will range from :-

    • Community Support Services, including support with training and employment, Inclusion, advice and information, user led provision, social networking, early prevention services
    • Front Door Services and Enablement, including assessment, Crisis intervention and emergency provision, respite and re-enablement provision
    • On going Support, including services to encourage skills development, Supported Living, Homecare and Outreach support, Residential provision and provision for clients with more specific needs, for example, Autism, Challenging Behaviour, Profound Learning Disabilities

Further guidance on services required will be provided in the information pack and at the Supplier Briefing sessions
To be accepted onto the Approved Provider List, a provider will have to pass through two stages of the process.

    • A Core Pre Qualification Stage¬†must be completed and passed, and
    • For each Lot/Area of Service Delivery that a provider is interested in delivering, they will need to pass a written assessment process

Provider briefing sessions are being held on the 28th and 31st of May. To apply for tickets, please follow the attached link to the event. http://approvedlist-briefing.eventbrite.com/  Tickets are limited to 2 per organisation in order to keep the size of the groups manageable enough to deliver information and receive feedback in the most effective way.
Please note Documents will be released on the 6th June

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