Leicester Health and Wellbeing Survey

Leicester Health and Wellbeing Survey

The proposed periodic survey will provide a high quality cross-sectional snapshot of health and wellbeing issues in Leicester.


Leicester Health and Wellbeing Survey
Awarding body Leicester City Council

EST. START DATE: 27/11/2014
EST. END DATE: 31/05/2015


The proposed periodic survey will provide a high quality cross-sectional snapshot of health and wellbeing issues in Leicester.

The primary purpose of the survey is to inform strategic and specific need assessments and audits which are essential to the council and partners commissioning for improved health and wellbeing. It is a mandatory requirement of the Health and Social Care Act (2012) and of the NHS (Pharmaceutical Services and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013 that the City Council undertakes the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment. Having renewed high quality local population data is an essential underpinning of this needs assessment programme.

As well as service, population and condition needs assessment the survey will also inform local level needs assessments and profiles as part of the development of locality health and wellbeing improvement plans, as intended in Our Healthy City. Data from the Lifestyle Survey 2010 is currently used with other data to populate the Leicester ward health profiles and has been used to identify locality targets for services and the targeting of other initiatives. Local profiles such as these are likely to grow in importance as greater focus is brought to engagement of residents on health and wellbeing issues and priorities in localities.

Data from the periodic survey will also be capable of use within other ‘insight’ projects within the city. It will provide a necessary but not necessarily sufficient data set for understanding issues at a local or lower level than the city/ For example, the Survey of Leicester project, while an aspiration at the moment, will seek to synthesise existing datasets and qualitative information to generate a more comprehensive understanding of communities in Leicester. Similarly, needs assessments themselves do not rely totally on one source or type of data alone.

In Leicester the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is undertaken as a programme involving (1) the production of a strategic overview document an a new JSNA will be produced in 2015 to identifying high level priorities, and (2) specific needs assessments to inform more detailed commissioning in particular topics and areas. Recent joint specific needs assessments have covered Drugs and Alcohol, Carers, Dementia, Oral Health, Children in transition (focusing on Autistic Spectrum Disorder), Tuberculosis, Sexual Health. Currently work is underway on physical, sensory and visual impairment, Mental Health and Children and Young People. The programme is overseen by a JSNA Programme Board which reports to the Joint Integrated Commissioning Board and through that body to the Health and Wellbeing Board.

The pattern of population, communities, behaviour and attitudes changes with time, sometimes rapidly. Without periodic surveys being undertaken details of conditions or health and wellbeing related behaviour and attitudes tend to be estimated from old data and reports, synthetic estimates (i.e. the application to the Leicester population of national survey results to generate an estimate of local experience), low sample power surveys, freestanding qualitative reports, and service records which provide a picture of service use rather than the need or experience in the community which services address.

A periodic high quality population survey will also support testing and contextualisation of further data and information produced in subsequent years, including the results of community engagement based research. 

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12 October 2014

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