Marketing Promotion for Wales Financial and Professional Services Sector

Marketing Promotion for Wales Financial and Professional Services Sector

Consultancy To Support Promotion Of The Wales Financial and Professional Services Sector.

Procurer reference: C-216/2012/2013
Value of tender: £40000
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Name of the organisation
WG BET&S – South East Wales
Contact Name
Pippa Duggan
QED Centre, Main Avenue, Treforest Estate
CF37 5YR
07967 650715
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Service category
11 = Management Consulting Services
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Title of the contract
Consultancy To Support Promotion Of The Wales Financial & Professional Services Sector
Description of the contract

The F&PS sector team have identified and are targeting a list of 400 major employers in the sector within London. However, reaching and influencing senior Directors within these businesses represents a significant challenge for the sector team. The key decision makers are typically busy and well guarded people and are often difficult to reach, let alone influence.

You are therefore being asked to consider the proposal to outsource the following services to a professional consultancy where gaps have been identified in the team’s in-house expertise:

– Articulating and polishing the messages we want to convey within the language used by the target audience, and more closely aligning Wales’ key strengths with current issues faced by City Directors in terms of location decisions. These messages will be adopted across all future Marketing materials prepared by EST Communications & Marketing.

– Recommending a bespoke engagement strategy for an agreed priority list of City Directors, to assist in securing one-to-one meetings and with on-going dialogue. This will be a tailored business-development led strategy which complements the wider one-to-many marketing activity for the sector and Enterprise Zone.

– Supporting the delivery of the above engagement strategy, such as issuing bespoke communications, and providing guidance and advice on pitch presentations, bids and tender documents. Again this will be targeted activity to reach the intended audience, and will complement wider one-to-many marketing activity conducted by BETS Communications & Marketing.

The Welsh Government, on behalf of the Welsh Ministers, will be conducting this procurement exercise through the etenderwales portal Tender documents and other information must be downloaded from and returned through this portal. If you require any further assistance the BravoSolution helpdesk is available on:

Email: Phone: 0800 3684850 / Fax: 020 7060 0480

Full information in accessing the portal is found in Section VI.3.

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79411100 – Business-development consultancy services.

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Contract will be awarded based on:

Most economically advantageous tender in terms of:Criteria as detailed in the contract documents

SECTION IV: Administrative Information

Instructions to suppliers


– Go to

– The first person from your Organisation to use the Platform will be required to register on behalf of the Organisation.

– Registration involves accepting a User Agreement, and providing basic information about your Organisation and about the User performing the Registration.

– The User who performs the Registration becomes the Super User for the Organisation.

– On registering on the Platform the Super User will select a Username and will receive a password.

– The Password will be sent by e-mail to the email address that was specified in the User Details section of the Registration page.

– In order to log-in to the Platform please enter your Username and Password.

– Note: If you forget your Password then visit the homepage and click “Forgot your password?”

– Registration should only be performed once for each Organisation.

– If you think that someone in your Organisation may have already registered on this Platform then you must not register again.

– Please contact the person who Registered (i.e. the Super User) in order to arrange access to the Platform.

– Contact the Helpdesk immediately if you are unable to contact the Super User (for example if they have left your Organisation).

– Note: If your Organisation is already registered on the Platform then you must not make any additional registration. Please contact the Helpdesk to gain access to the Platform.

– Tenders must be uploaded to the BravoSolution portal by 2pm


– Once logged in you must click on ‘ITT’s Open to all Suppliers’

– The etender references for this contract are: project_25633 and pqq_30846

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– Should you have any questions on the ITT, please use the ‘Messages’ area to contact the buyer directly – Please do not contact the named person at the top of this notice.

Email: Phone: 0800 368 4850 / Fax: 020 7060 0480

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Submission of pre-qualification questionnaire