Measured term contract for reactive building works and planned maintenance

Measured term contract for reactive building works and planned maintenance

The Works comprise the reactive repair and maintenance of building works. Emergency, reactive repairs and planned building works throughout the Renfrewshire Council Estate.



1 Authority Details


Authority Name and Address

Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street,




Janice Russell

+44 1416187029


Address from which documentation may be obtained

Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street,




Janice Russell

+44 1416187029


Completed documents must be returned to:

Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street,




Janice Russell

+44 1416187029

2 Contract Details



Measured term contract for reactive building works & planned maintenance


Description of the goods or services required

The Works comprise the reactive repair and maintenance of building works. Emergency, reactive repairs and planned building works throughout the Renfrewshire Council Estate. Building works to include localised repairs to masonry, timber works, window frames/doors/stairs, surface finishes etc. This list is not exhaustive. All glazing works to be carried out under separate MTC. Individual instructions under this contract shall not exceed 50,000.00GBP The works consist of the provision of a building works priority coded comprehensive repair & maintenance service together with the provision for the execution of minor building works up to the value of 50,000.00GBP

NOTE: The authority has indicated that they are using the PCS-Tender Module to carry out this procurement process. To access the PCS-Tender Module and record your interest in this notice please visit

If you are not already registered with the PCS-Tender Module registration will be required.


Notice Coding and Classification

102300 Roofing
391011 Buildings – Maintenance
391012 Buildings – Repair
399999 other Works – Construction, Repair and Maintenance

150 … Glasgow & Strathclyde


Total quantity or scope of tender

The period of the contract is 3 years with an option to extend for a further 1 year period + 1 year period. The estimated annual value is in the region of 1,000,000GBP

It is anticipated that the start date of any contract be January 2013.

3 Conditions for Participation


Minimum standards and qualification required

Completeness of Submission

Tender Submissions must be sufficiently complete to enable a full and detailed evaluation of all components of the bid to be undertaken.

Financial Stability

Tenderers must evidence a good high street credit rating and an annual turnover as noted below of at least £1,000,000.00

The Council will use Dunn and Bradstreet to assist in its determination of the organisations financial status and risk and will require that all tenderers evidence the equivalent Failure Score 35 or above to pass this stage of the bid selection evaluation

It is recommended that candidates review their own Dunn and Bradstreet Failure Score in advance of submitting their tender submission. If following this review Tenderers consider that the Dunn and Bradstreet Failure Score does not reflect their current financial status, details of this must be provided within the Tender Submission, complete with evidence of a good high street credit rating (the equivalent of Dunn and Bradstreet Failure Score 35) from a recognised credit referencing agency. The Council will review any such information as part of the evaluation of the Tenderers financial status.

Where the Tenderer is under no obligation to publish accounts and therefore does not have a Dunn and Bradstreet Failure Score 35 or equivalent rating, they must provide their audited financial accounts as part of their Tender Submission in order that the Council may assess these to determine the suitability of the Tenderer to undertake a contract or contracts of this size. This assessment will consider whether or not the Tenderers annual turnover meets the minimum turnover levels stated above and whether or not there is any significant financial risk identified.

Where a consortium bid is received, the Dunn and Bradstreet Failure Score of each consortium member shall be assessed however the collective annual turnover of all consortium members will be utilised in the assessment of annual turnover.

Where the Tenderer is a subsidiary of a group but is applying as a company and fails to meet the minimum financial turnover requirements or minimum Dunn and Bradstreet Failure Score (or equivalent) as a company, a parent company guarantee will be required to allow progression to stage two of the evaluation. The parent company must meet the minimum financial requirements as assessed by the Council. If a parent company guarantee is required, the parent company must provide confirmation of agreement to the provision of a parent company guarantee. The parent company guarantee will be in the form provided in the Tender Documentation.

Where the Tenderer intends to sub-contract more than 25% of any contract value to a single sub-contractor, a Dunn and Bradstreet Risk Indicator assessment will be carried out on the sub-contractor. The Council reserve the right to request one copy of all sub-contractors last 2 years audited accounts and details of significant changes since the last year end. The Council also reserve the right to reject the use of sub-contractors in relation to the contract where they fail to meet the Council’s minimum financial criteria for consideration.

Adequate Insurance Provision

The following insurance provision assessed by the Council as being adequate:

– Employer’s Liability – minimum indemnity limit of 5m;

– Third Party Liability – minimum indemnity limit of 1m;

– Third Party Motor insurance – minimum indemnity limit of 5m;

– Professional Indemnity – minimum indemnity limit of £500K;

– Contractors All Risk – minimum indemnity limit of 1m.

Indemnity levels may change however this will be detailed within the actual tender documentation.

Eligibility to Contract

Tenderers will be required to confirm that none of the criteria in respect to Regulation 23 (Criteria for the rejection of economic operators) of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations apply.

Suitable Health & Safety policies & practices

Candidates must provide a copy of their current organisations signed and dated Health & Safety policy statement.

You must tell us whether your organisation has a SSIP Registered Membership (if applicable) and evidence robust policies and processes. If you are accredited you must give us your registration number and details.

Compliance with all relevant statutory obligations (e.g. Equalities Act) Tenderers must provide a statement of compliance with relevant statutory obligations. Tenderers will also be required to provide their up to complete an Equal Opportunities Policy and Equality Questionnaire.

Environmental Policy

Tenderers must provide a statement of their current Environmental Policy and complete the Waste Carriers Form & Environmental Questionnaire.


Tenderers must evidence a robust process for appointing and managing any Sub-Contractors or external Agencies they intend to use, to identify which parts of the works they intend to sub contract and give contact details of the sub contractor.

Compliance with Terms & Conditions

Tenderers must confirm compliance or qualifications proposed must be deemed acceptable by the Council.

Declaration / Supplementary Appendices

Tenderers must have submitted their signed Declaration.

Tenderers must also have completed & signed all appendices where required.

Capacity to Contract

Tenderers must evidence ability to service the Contract by reference to work in hand, resource levels by discipline and ability to ensure availability and continuity of suitably qualified and experienced resource to undertake services required; account management arrangements; role of senior staff; management arrangements and suitable systems / technologies in place.

Experience and Track Record

Tenderers must evidence relevant and appropriate experience in relation to fulfilling the requirements/scope of the Contract. Tenderers must provide 2 written references as part of their tender submission, no older than 2 years.

Where the Council requires to exercise its discretion by applying a minimum standard to any of the above Bid Selection criteria, any submission made shall be measured against the standard required of a skilled, competent and experienced contractor sufficient for the purposes of fulfilling the requirements of the Contract.

Clarification may be sought from tenderers in order to determine whether their tender is complete, compliant and meet the minimum requirements of the Bid Selection criteria.

Following stage one of the evaluation, firms meeting the Bid Selection Criteria shall be shortlisted to progress to stage two of the evaluation. The stage two evaluation will be based upon the undernoted Award Criteria;

*Quality – 20%

Proposed methodology and approach to undertaking the works – 12%

Proposed approach to ensuring adequate management of the supply chain including subcontractors and suppliers – 4%

Proposed methodology and approach to maximising employment and skills opportunities and to deliver wider community benefits – 2%

Specific proposals relating to employment and skills and wider community benefits – 2%

*Price – 80%

4 Administrative Information


Type of Procedure

Single stage – Any candidate may submit a tender.


Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority



Time Limits

a) Time-limit for obtaining documentation  19-10-2012

b) Time-limit for receipt of completed tenders
19-10-2012  Time  12:00

c) Estimated award date  17-12-2012


Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up



Tender Submission Postbox

5 Other Information


Additional Information

It is estimated that the tender documents will be available for download on or around Friday 5th October 2012 on the Public Tenders Scotland portal. This date is approximate and is subject to change. You must register your company’s details on the tender portal to download the tender documentation. Please note the documentation will only be available from the date above (5th October 2012).

The website address is

The deadline for tender submissions is 2 weeks from the documents being available which in this instance will be Friday 19th October 2012 at 12noon.

If the tender documents are not available for download from 5th October 2012, please contact Janice Russell on 0141 618 7029 for further information.

(SC Ref:239681)


Additional Documentation


Publication date of this notice