Media and Marketing Services Contract – Hull

Media and Marketing Services Contract – Hull

To provide the media and marketing services in the promotion of the Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Opportunity Id
The Provision of Media and Marketing Activities for the Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme
72413000-8 – World wide web (www) site design services
79340000-9 – Advertising and marketing services
79822500-7 – Graphic design services
79933000-3 – Design support services
The scope of this project is to seek a supplier to provide the media and marketing services in the promotion of the Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme (HBEES). The scheme commenced 1st April 2020 and is being led and administered by Hull City Council. To promote the scheme effectively it shall need a variety of media and marketing services which include but not be limited to the design, build and maintenance of a website, the design of leaflets, booklets and other literature to promote the scheme, assistance to launch and publicise the scheme and its activities and the placing of targeted marketing adverts. Introduction to Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme (HBEES) The HBEES will be led and administered by Hull City Council. It will be a three year series of interventions aimed at enabling Hull based SME’s to contribute to the reduction in Greenhouse Gases (GHG) through the implementation of resource efficiency schemes. The project will be open to all SME’s that meet the eligibility criteria. There will be a focus on businesses which are able to deliver Value for Money (VfM), the largest GHG reductions in relation to £ inputs. The overall aim of HBEES is to provide guidance, advice and action to businesses, to promote innovation in businesses and how they operate in order to deliver best practice in energy management. The scheme shall offer green energy audits by way of one-to-one advice/site visits to determine the needs of the client, offering low carbon/energy efficiency technical advice. Advice will include identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption and/or recover and reuse or trade underused or undervalued resources. Grants will be available to assist SMEs to be able to introduce energy efficient measures, processes and renewable generation capacity as identified by the energy audit which will improve a business’ or buildings environmental performance or its resilience to the impacts of climate change and the reduction of GHC’s. Additionally the programme will provide a comprehensive programme of resource efficiency workshops/masterclasses, delivered by industry experts across a range of energy efficiency/low carbon topics. We will also organise an event/conference promoting the virtues of energy efficiency. A dedicated SME/project participants’ network will be established to encourage the exchange of information and knowledge between participants and with academic/subject specialists. This will also include a resource matching facility so underused or discarded resource streams from one business can be reused elsewhere. We will also include an on-line resource of useful reference material/documents.
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marketing, design, brand, website design and build, media

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Hull City Council
Ruth Carter
01482 615135
Room 94, The Guildhall

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From 07/08/2020 12:00 to 08/09/2020 17:00