Mental Health Enablement Service for Islington Council

Mental Health Enablement Service for Islington Council

Islington Council invites suitable expressions of interest from suppliers for the provision of a Mental Health Enablement Service.

1415-065 Mental Health Enablement Service
Islington Council invites suitable expressions of interest from suppliers for the provision of a Mental Health Enablement Service.


Current status / Background


The current service has been commissioned as a pilot since February 2013. The contract for the delivery of the pilot service is ending on 30 June 2015. The service is open to all Islington residents who feel they need support with their mental health.


The requirement


The Service will achieve the following high level outcomes for people with mental ill health who are resident within Islington:

•               The maintenance of service users’ independence

•      A reduction in the number of service users requiring more intensive levels of mental health intervention

•               Increased quality of life for service users

•               Increased social engagement and participation by service users


The Service will achieve the high level outcomes by:

•      The provision of personalised and time limited support to service users based on the assessment of each individual’s needs

•      Giving service users as much choice as possible over the nature of this support including how, where and when the support is offered

•      The development of clear pathways, including with other community services and voluntary organisations, to guide service users into, through and successfully out of the service

•      Producing a ‘menu’ of support options which service users can access as part of their support plan

•      The delivery of options on this ‘menu’ through staff and volunteers attached to the service and the coordination of referrals to existing voluntary sector services, volunteer networks, community groups and other services

•      Helping service users’ carers and families by offering very brief periods of respite support (i.e. an afternoon or evening)


A self-management approach should underlie all the activity carried out by the Service and should be promoted by all staff and volunteers involved with the Service. This approach requires that the Service enables service users to manage their own support – maintaining and maximising the independence of service users.


The Service will be delivered to adults resident in Islington who are suffering or have in the past suffered from mental ill health.  It will be targeted at people who are outside statutory support either through choice or because they do not meet the eligibility criteria and:

•                  Are at risk of dependence on mental health services

•                  Are at risk of admission or readmission to hospital (for mental health or other health reasons)

•                  Have been discharged from, or are close to moving on from, a residential or supported living service

•                  Are at risk of or are experiencing social isolation

•                  Have experienced a period of crisis in their mental health and need support to rebuild their presence and participation in their community


The service will also be targeted at groups of people who are identified as experiencing poor health outcomes – including those with caring responsibilities.  The Service will support such carers with short periods of respite to enable them to have a break from their caring responsibilities.



Contract Period


The contract period will be for twenty four (24) months from an estimated start date 1 July 2015 with option to extend up to a further thirty six (36) months (three possible extensions of twelve months each).  Further details are available in the contract terms.


Potential providers must be aware that an additional break clause during months 13-24 of the contract will be applied to this contract giving the Council the right to terminate the contract after the completion of a review of wider mental health pathways. This has been included to avoid prejudicing the outcome of this review; a minimum of three (3) months’ notice would be given if the Council decided to use this break clause.


Contract Value


The estimated total value of this contract is £360,000 over the maximum 60 month term of the contract. This is based on £72,000 per annum.


There is a maximum fixed budget for this service. Any bids over this amount will be disqualified.


Award criteria


The contract will be awarded to the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) on the basis of quality 90% and cost 10%.  Tender submissions will be subject to minimum quality thresholds . Further details will be provided in the invitation to tender.

This contract is only available via the London Tenders Portal.

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